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Catching up with Arjun Subedi
16 September 2013-Monday

From past few years we have been witnessing new changes in Nepali films. Everyone seems optimistic that with coming of new talents in the industry we will have films that will not only be liked by us but will win hearts of foreign audiences as well.  Arjun Subedi is one such talented film maker who has made his mark from his early days and has few exciting projects to be released shortly.

Many know him from his experimental short movie title 'Who Am I?'. This short movie won the title of the “The Best Short Movie” at WCOT Award Competition held in Wilmington University and was also selected at the Asian American Film Fest held in California UC Davis. Ajun graduated from Wlmington University (Delaware) in Digital Filmmaking. In 2009, he opened a production house Planet3 Films along with his brother Anoj Jung.  Music videos from this production houses have been very popular, especially because of their stylish presentation style.

We had a chat with him recently, please read on.

What motivated you towards audio visual field, when was it?
I think it’s radio Nepal and Nepal television. I used to listen the radio plays so carefully and I think I never missed a Saturday movie show on Nepal television those days. I was so much attracted to the medium of acting from that time on.

Tell us about your recent projects.     
I have just finished the shoot of a short film and a music video. We have just wrapped of the shoot of feature film Raghav and Ritu. Both of them are co-produced by planet3films. Ritu will be released on November 2013, and Raghav on February 2014.
Plus I am working on two big projects of mine. Both of them are feature films, which are being produced by four producers from different countries and I am directing them, respectively on 2014 and 2015, and I have finished writing a English project of mine which we might start shooting at the end of 2013. It will be of 30 minutes. It’s a ambitious project.      

Among your numerous creations, tell us which ones do you consider important.
All of them are equally important to me. I have given same hard work and same amount of creativity to all of my work, and I think my audiences are the people who can give you the exact answer because all of my works are important to me.       
How do you see the current scenario of Nepali movies?
It’s not in the shape our seniors have dreamt of. Nepali cinema has crossed 50 years and I think we are not in that position where we should be actually. Talking about the scenario, its kind of slow but it’s improving.                        
International filmmakers who have inspired you?
Ridley Scott, James Cameron, Peter Jackson, Steven Spielberg, Akira Kurosova, Satyajit Ray.
Any recent movies you have liked lately.
I liked Argo, Life of PI and Silver Linings Playbook. They are cleverly told stories. Argo was intense and thrilling. Life of PI was smooth on the story part. The best part of the movie was it cinematic magic. It was cinematically stunning and breathtaking. Silver Linings Playbook was an amazing take on two different characters. It was engaging and loving.
Do you have any big dream, big idea?      
Yes I do and I think everybody does. In fact I turn my dreams into ideas and my ideas into films.
Tell us about your personal life, your family, what you like to do in your leisure time?       
I have a very supportive family. I had to struggle on my initial phase but they were happy seeing me happy. My father is my idol because he has watched most of my work and that puts a big smile in his face. My mother and my sister are my best friend. My brother is like my teacher.
When I'm free I dance and I cook but mostly I like to help people. I mean I like to do social work because I feel we are born to give.
Suggestions/tips for newcomers who want to enter this field.
Although it’s been more than 15 years I have officially started but I still feel like I am very new.  There is no any specific tip but one thing that you should know is come prepared and take your work seriously.
For example: If you want to become a cinematographer than learn cinematography or practice. It implies to every field of work.

Watch some of his works:

Who Am I – Short Film

Sadharan Manchhe – Music Video

Timilai Mannparauchhu – Music Video

Ritu Movie - Promo

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