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Sarishma Amatya Returns With Passion
15 March 2012-Thursday
-Isha Dhital

It’s been seven long years since Nepal’s pop diva, Sarishma Amatya left her native homeland  for the States. After a lengthy hiatus and subsequently laying low from the media spotlight, the queen bee of Nepali Pop music is back  with her third brand spankin’ new album “Passion” released by Rise Music. With her third album released recently, we met up with the lady herself to find out what she’s been up to during her years in hiding.

Tell us briefly how you ended up migrating to the States?
Well my husband (singer Sanjeev Pradhan) and I went to the U.S  to participate in a show for two to  three months. After it being a success everyone there suggested that we apply for green card. So we took the chance and in less than three months we were granted green card.

You’ve basically disappeared for seven years. Why did you take such a long time to come back to Nepal?
(Laughs) Yeah, last time I came to Nepal was back in 2005. The reason why it’s been such a long time since we came back is because my husband and I have our own handicraft business in Baltimore, and due to the family business we couldn’t manage to come sooner than we hoped.

Was it difficult for you to adjust life in U.S after having  struck fame in Nepal, and then having to leave all of that and start over as an immigrant in a foreign country?
(Laughs) Yes it was a little difficult  the first few years. You know, in the first year being in the U.S, I had to work as a manager in a local Indian clothing store. This was my struggling period, as I struggled like any new immigrant would. But soon  with hard work and persistence my husband and I opened our own business.

Tell us a little bit about your album Passion.
Passion is my third album, it’s been seven years in the making.  Passion contains total of thirteen songs. One of the notable featured song in the album is “Timro Maya” which has been aired on national TV and  is directed by Pranab Joshi. I’ve also added some of my old hits such as “Nidharma Tika”, “Kina Timi”, “Dhuk Dhuk Garne”, and “Ma Timilai Maya”. I’m also planning on launching this album in the U.S market once I’m back in the states.

Did you continue singing in the U.S or was your singing career dormant?
Music will never die in me as I will always pursue my career as a singer where ever I may be. Back in the U.S there were always Nepali associations  which organized programs and shows and my husband and I would volunteer to  perform for them. While in the U.S we also had the opportunity to go abroad to places like U.K to do shows.

Did you find any differences in the Nepali community in U.S compared  to the one here?
No, not really. The Nepalese in America are very much into keeping their culture and tradition alive.  They are very friendly like the Nepalese  here, so no I don’t think they are any different than here. I find Nepalese American to be most friendly because they are far away from their country. When you are so far away, you become very friendly and very hospitable when you come across  people from your motherland.

Since you and your husband both are singers, do you feel like sometimes there’s  rivalry between you two?
No never! Sanjeev and I have a very good understanding about this. I’m not jealous of him, nor is he jealous of me. We don’t feel that we need to compete with each other in a way that leads to jealousy. I always wish for his success and I’m also at the same time getting his full support.

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