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Fueling up his musical career with Mahak
19 January 2012-Thursday
-Isha Dhital

When businessmen turn into singer, people have general perception that they are doing it just to fulfill one of their wishes and for that they have enough money. But when you hear Prahlad Timalsina sing you instantly feel that singing comes naturally to him. Prahlad Timalsina, director of Everest Gas and Sita Petrol Pump, recently launched his album “Mahak” in a big way. There were many queries in our head, so when we bombarded him with our questions; he had some interesting thing to share.

1. So tell us a little bit about your album.

My album is called Mahak. I chose the name "Mahak" for the album
because I feel  music is like fragrance which can attract people
and their senses. Mahak consists of ten tracks, two of them which are just music tracks…the songs are upbeat, a fusion of dance, ghazal, and romantic songs.

2. What is more important to you, becoming a singer or a businessman?

Both are important to me as I feel both are part of who I am.  But since I was born into a business family, the family business is my first and foremost occupation therefore my first priority. But that doesn't mean I can't continue my music. I’ve already come a long way knowing how to balance music and business so there is no doubt that I will continue to do so.

3. What was your family's reaction to the idea of you becoming a singer?

My parents were completely against this idea. My father had friends who were singers and he saw many of them had to struggle throughout their life to find success in music. Some made it but some took the wrong turn and became nothing but alcoholics.  Because of this, my father was completely against the idea of me starting a singing career. In fact only fifteen days before the release of my album did I finally tell my family about my album and my intention to continue singing professionally.

4. So what made you decide you wanted to start a musical career?

Coming from a business family background I couldn't give much time to music. But whenever I had free time, it was all spent soaking my heart into music. I've always been passionate about music and had a natural inclination for it since I can remember. There were days in my childhood where I would spend the whole day just listening to hundreds of music recordings and I would sing a long and mimic artists like  Muhammed Rafi and Kishore Kumar and other great oldies singers. As the years progressed, whenever I had time I spent it singing for friends at parties, at events,  doing karaokes and so on. I would constantly receive great feedbacks and encouragement from friends that I should record my own album. This was of course a huge moral-booster for me as I’ve always felt singing was never a hobby for me, and I felt releasing my own solo album was the right thing to do. So here I am.

5. Is it true that you are planning to make music videos for all your songs?

Well yes, sort of... I thought about making videos for only six of my songs in the beginning but now I’m considering whether to make music videos for all eight songs. For now so far six have been confirmed. So far the visual directors for the six songs are Alok Nembang, Bhushan Dahal, Arjun Adhikari, and Subrat Acharya.

6. Most artists usually make music videos for some of the songs that are being promoted in radio and television. Why have you chosen to make videos for all of your songs in the album?

I have poured my heart and soul into this album and I feel all the songs are very special to me so I have decided for my own memories, I want to make videos for all the songs in Mahak. On the other hand, I also feel that in this generation people like to connect visually. When you connect music with video, it’s an extra plus point.

7. Are you acting in any of your videos?

Yes, I have acted in “Hey Tara Hey Gham”. I’ve also done a cameo in “Baruli Kammar”. 

8. Any plans in the future to join films?

(Laughs) No I have no interest in joining films.

9. Do you have any formal training?

You know there's a famous saying, and it goes like "learning by doing is better than doing by learning." Well as you already know in the beginning my musical training basically consisted of listening and singing along with songs which I exposed myself to.  Since the past two months I’ve been training with singer  Narendra Pyasi.

10. Did you write the songs yourself?

No, out of the eight tracks, six of the songs in my album are written by Alokshree, one by Shree Purush Dhakal and one by Mr. Kali Prasad Rijal.

11. Is your family now supportive of your new career?

Yes they are supportive as long as it doesn't hamper with the family business.

12. Who were your favorite artists growing up?

Since I did my schooling in India, I grew up listening to the late
Mohammed Rafi and Kishore Kumar. I can say that they are my original guru as I learned a lot from them without even actually ever meeting them.

13. In the future perhaps, would you want to collaborate with other popular artists? If so who would you want to collaborate with?

You know I’ve just set foot into the music industry and I want to first make a name for myself through my solo album. I want to have an identity for myself first before considering doing any joint albums. Let’s see how it goes! For now it’s best to take it one step at a time.

14. What songs do you feel the public would enjoy from your album Mahak?

I hope that the public would love all my songs as I’ve put a lot of effort into it. I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback from listeners saying they especially enjoyed my song “Hey Tara Hey Gham”.

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