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Artist On Rise: Shruti
24 July 2011-Sunday
-Supriya Pradhan

After almost two years of hard work and struggle and a change in record label, Shruti Singh finally offered her debut album “Shruti” last month. It is a record that introduces her as a fresh act with full of potential. That’s a verdict made by critics and listeners but what about her post-release story? That’s what she shares with us and more on our little chitchat session.

1. You finally released your first effort “Shruti”. How does it feel to have your work out there?

Shruti: When a debut album comes out, obviously, an artist is extremely happy. And I was no exception! What I’m feeling right now is beyond tremendous joy, especially since I’ve been receiving good feedback more than expected.

2. These days, you’ve been busy with a number of radio interviews and getting all the media attention. How is that like?

Shruti: I won’t lie but I’m actually enjoying all the publicity I’m getting for my album and for myself as an artist. The interviews are indeed a very constructive way of reaching out to the mass. Apart from the fun side, such an experience has helped me better myself professionally. For the past couple of weeks, I have had chances to meet many new people and expand my PR. It’s not been just interviews but also a learning process for me. I’ve come to know things like how to present myself to the media, how to speak. They’ve smartened me up to realize what needs to be said and what not to.

3. Three words that describe Shruti Singh the most.

Shruti: Daring, Down-to-earth and helpful. <smiles>

4. So, what’s the overall review for your album?

Shruti: The response and reviews have been overwhelming! I’m so surprised and happy at the same time that I’ve been getting positive feedback more than I expected. Unbelievable rates of compliments!

5. With such reviews, I’m sure you’ve been approached by a number of other artists to collaborate with. So who are looking forward to working with you?

Shruti: It’s amazing you asked me this because I have been approached by a couple of artists and I feel proud of myself to have a personality like Basant Kumar Chaudhary propose me to work in future projects. You can also expect to see me collaborate with singer Sanjeev Singh. On the other hand, I’ve already recorded songs with Nabin K Bhattarai and Sugam Pokharel. Both the tracks are featured in movie soundtracks- “Bhijheka Ti Onth” with Nabin for the film Challenge while “Ahaa Kasto Mitho” is a duet with Sugam from Deshle Ragat Mage.

6. Anything listeners can expect from you in days to come?
Shruti: Yes, they can soon catch my music video for the single “Pratikshya” on this website. There is also a Nabin K Bhattarai show happening at Bronco Billy Restaurant, Kupondole where I’m being featured as well. It is this Friday. So I hope to see you all there!

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