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Black Hawk Soars High
6 July 2011-Wednesday
-Supriya Pradhan

Formed back in 2054 BS, Sawan & The Black Hawk band started out when its members were still too young to understand music and musical instruments. It was the fate that brought them together and they intend to stay that way. The Blues/Rock outfit combines the talent of vocalist/lead guitarist Sawan Dev Shrestha, Umesh Shrestha on drums and percussion, Gautam Tandukar on lead guitar and rhythm guitar and Suresh Maharjan on Bass Guitar. They just released their ablum “Ek Bishwas” and if you wish to know more about them, then read on.

1. How did you guys meet?

It was during school days, when we knew very a little about music and instruments at that time. Just then, one of our seniors Sabin introduced us to drums.  We remember we had to queue up to get a chance to lay our hands on them. And with that frequent excitement to play, we discovered our love for music. After SLC, we took music classes. Sawan and Umesh took up Rock and Blues class in Kaleidoscope. Gautam with Suresh learned from Nepal Music School. And that was how the group was formed. Credit for being the founding members goes to Sawan and Umesh. Gautam and Suresh, who were previously associated with Broken Windows, joined the line-up in 2010.

2. What keeps all of you busy these days?

SBH: Currently, Sawan has got his hands full with jobs of a music arranger, recordist and guitarist at a recording studio. Umesh teaches at his own music institute Kaizen Music Academy while Suresh is studying in Lalit Kala Campus and Gautam is studying and at the same time, running a communication center.

3. Shed some light on your previous works.
SBH: Our first album was titled “Midnight A Year” and it was followed by the album “Six String”.

4. What is the band currently working on? Any new projects headed our way?

SBH: Our band is currently busy promoting our new album “Ek Bishwas” which just got released. We are also doing some new music videos and have already started our work on our new album. Yes, we are very excited about it!

5. How did the name “Sawan Dev & The Black Hawk” come up?

The name comes from our football team we had formed while in school and it was called Black Hawk and it just got stuck for our musical venture as well.

6. Any chances of your fans catching you live any time soon?

Yes we are very much focusing on live performances. Our guys are always ready to take it to the stage. And we are organizing as well as performing in many concerts. So you can definitely catch us live soon.

7. What kind of genres do you like to try, apart from your own type of music?
SBH: We really want to try our hands on fusion Rock and smooth Jazz. We think it will be very interesting.

8. Your inspirational figures?

SBH: We have always loved Doors, Deep Purple, and Led Zeppelin.

9. Unforgettable moments till now since your journey in the music biz.

During a grave political turmoil in the country, we were once invited to perform in Dhading and there, we were instructed to play only patriotic songs and nothing else at the show. That’s something we can never forget!

We also remember out first concert when we were not mature enough and we didn’t even have proper instruments or sound system. We played under 200 watt bulb. That was crazy!

10. Any last message?

SBH: We’d like to thank our listeners for their constant support and feedback. Keep loving Nepali music!

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