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Riding Higher With Music
19 May 2011-Thursday
-Supriya Pradhan

Samir Shrestha has a lot going on in his foray. A senior software architect at Bank of America by profession, Shrestha is best known as the vocalist/guitarist of Unwritten Karma- a Nepali rock outfit based in Dallas, Texas. From his hometown Bhairawa to the United States of America, the singer has certainly come a long way as he ventures out to release his solo material. Thus, he has been chosen as the artist on the spotlight.

A Capricorn according to the lunar calendar and a Leo from the international calendar, music has always been part of Shrestha’s life since his early age which also led him to form a band called “Angels” after high school. Apart from his love for music, the rocker has confessed his likes for cooking and working out among others. Well, there’s plenty more you can know about Samir Shrestha and his brand new single “Milan” whose video just premiered on our website. So, just read on!

1. How long has it been since Unwritten Karma’s formation? And you are finally coming up with your solo project, why now? 

Unwritten Karma band was formed in 2001. Once a year HENS (Health and Education for Nepal) organization brings in various artist together living in Dallas and perform live concert for charity purposes to raise fund for the organization. That is how the band was formed. We performed several concerts in Dallas and New York. We came up with our first album “The Crossings” in 2005. Also did a music video on “Bina Timro” song which turned out to be just okay since it was done in a very short time. The group was dismantled in 2008 since two of our band members ended up moving to different state for career purposes. But we started back again with two new band members in 2009 and released our new single “Yo Jeewan Ma”. Having job, family and kids to take care of, some of our band members could not commit to time for band practice and live concerts. Therefore, I decided to try out the solo.

2. Tell us something about the new song “Milan”

I am currently working on two new songs “Milan” and “Dherai” with Jems Pradhan and Tsujil Karmacharya. After being divorced from my 12 years of marriage, I had plenty of spare time to compose new songs. The first song I composed was “Dherai” and then I came up with “Milan”. Lyrics on “Milan” happen to be about a guy who is so much in love but sadly could never be together with the loved ones. Currently, I am also working on a video with Pratap Singh for this song which should be released on May 6th.

3. It’s just a single release now but how soon can we expect a full-length album from you?

In the past, I have done 3 songs as a vocalist with the band: “Samhali”, “Bina Timro” and “Yo Jeewan Ma”. I actually have several songs written out but just need to come up with time to record and release it. I am hoping to come up with my own solo album within the end of next year.

4. Where will you do the work for the new project, in Nepal or the States?

I will be working on the new project from both places Nepal and also from the States. Majority of the music composition will occur in Nepal but the vocals and the final recording will be done in the States.

5. Five things you can’t simply do without.

Music, work-out, television, laptop, and I-phone

6. Three things people ought to know about you.

•    I am a hard-working person.
•    I love to laugh, make people laugh and have fun.
•    I am single and ready to mingle.

7. What keeps you busy these days apart from making music?

It’s the job that keeps me busy and besides that, I like spending time with my family and friends.

8. Having come up with your solo project, is it the end for Unwritten Karma?

Currently, I am working on my solo album but I might be working with the band as well. So, to be more precise, it is not the end.

9. Is your music going to be any different than of the band?

Yes, it will definitely be different. My songs will be slower and more melodious than the rock numbers our band was focusing on. 

10. Your last message.

Anything is achievable in life, the only thing you need to do is try harder!!!
Thanks to all the listeners and all my fans.

Download Exclusive Music Video of Samir Shrestha

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Music Video : Milan
Singer : Samir Shrestha
Album : Milan
Director : Pratap Singh

Download Exclusive Song:

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