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Up Close With Megh Lama
14 February 2011-Monday
-Supriya Pradhan

Megh Lama has been in the music scene for quite some time and during that period, he has been able to create a fan base of his own. Honest and totally sincere to his work in person, the singer released his latest offering “Maina” few months back. So here’s Lama shedding more light on his new album and other things that we ought to know about.

1. What inspires you to continue making music?

Megh: Being in the music filed has always been my childhood dream. And I believe since the time I made my debut, I have been getting whole lot of positive response as well as love from my listeners. It gives me a great feeling of satisfaction and that’s what inspires me to continue my work in the industry. I’m glad that it’s been going great for me so far.

2. What is the story behind the album name “Maina”?
Megh: In my albums, I usually use typical Nepali folk based songs. So I was searching for a typical Nepali name to go with the content of the disc. And then I thought ‘Maina’ would be a better word to call the album since it also had a song of the very title. Besides, it’s a name of a beautiful type of birds and in my song, it resembles a beautiful character. (smiles)

3. Your favourite free time indulgences?
Megh: If there’s one thing I love doing in my free time, it’s gathering up with my friends and start a jamming session accompanied by a dear guitar. And you just won’t have any idea how the time flies by.

4. Five things Megh Lama can’t live without.
Megh: My country, My family, friends, love and music
5. 3 things Megh lama always carries with himself.
Megh: (Laughs) It shouldn’t be much of a difficult question. The three things you’ll always find with me are my mobile phone, a mini bag and a song’s track…(You know a singer’s always got to be ready.)

6. Who are your idols/favourite personalities who inspire you?
Megh: There are so many good songs that have managed to touch my heart and inspire me at the same time but no one does it better than Nima Rumba!! He is my favourite idol and I must admit. I feel kind of jealous of his bold personality. (LOL) Well, I surely wish to be somewhat like him someday.

7. How has your musical journey been so far?

Megh: Well, what’s a journey without struggle, right? So, my story has been no exception. Nepali music industry is not an easy a field to breakthrough, especially when an artist is from a place where there isn’t much access to the required facilities. I have a similar background and you could say, I am still pursuing my dream here. But one thing’s for sure, I will never give up on music, no matter what.

8. How is the response for your album “Maina”?
Megh: I’m actually really glad my songs are being noticed by the public even during the cruel 12 to 14 hours of load shedding. They’ve been successful enough to enter the charts on various FM stations and TV channels which, of course, prompts a good feedback. However, the sales, as usual, have been a disappointing factor.

9. What is keeping you busy these days?
Megh: Well, for now I am still busy promoting my album “Maina’’. Apart from that, I am currently playback singing for a number of Tamang and Bhojpuri films as well as performing some live shows. So that’s pretty much how I’m getting my hands full these days.

10. Your last message.
Megh: I couldn’t be more grateful to those who’ve always been with me through thick and thin. I would like to thank my family, to all my friends, listeners, and fans for their support. Always love Nepali music.

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