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Don't Tie Me Up
4 February 2011-Friday
-The Cheeguz

Fourteen and roaring to go, Kristina Allen released her first solo album “Na Baadhana / Don’t Tie Me Up”, under the watchful guidance of veteran musician Nhyoo Bajracharya. Penned by lyricist Durga Lal Shrestha, the album consists of seven songs and took three years of hard work and sheer dedication on Allen’s part.  Football is another of her life’s passion and given a chance she wants to play for the national team.

What got you into music?

I picked guitar when I was just ten, and then onwards it’s been music 24/7. Avril Lavigne has to be one of the early influences in my life. I fell madly in love with “Complicated”, it was then I realized I wanted to be a singer. I love Colbie Caillat, Jason Miraz, Ciney Gurung, Jindabaad, and Albatross.

How did “Na Badhana” happen?
I never intended to release an album –album, it was a project, to start off with. Working with Nhyoo Bajracharya has been blessing in disguise and he has really helped me in my singing.

Describe the album.
If I were to label the album, the compilation is definitely pop. It’s an easy, happy go lucky listen, with a little bit of everything. You’ll find shades of acoustic, blues, and rock music and the English song I wrote has a very Avril Lavigne feel to it. “Na Badhana”, the title of the album is inspired by teenage years, and conflicts with controlling parents. There are times when you just want to be left alone, it’s about having space.

Any plans for a video shoot?
Music videos are becoming mandatory these days, we are very visual animals, and a good video can do wonders to a song, provided the song is good to start with. I’m thinking of making a video, but have to take permission from my father first (laughs). You can’t deny the impact music videos have on the recording industry.

Do you think picking up an instrument helps an artiste?

Absolutely, it makes you more independent, self sufficient. You ought to give it a try, if you don’t have a feel for it, just try something else. I started off with piano, didn’t work so moved on to guitar.

How do you go about creating songs?

For me it starts with melody. I sort of throw random chords together, and if it sounds good, then I go about the business of stringing words to it. Creating melody comes much easier to me, compared to lyrics; sometimes, they both come at once – which is always nice! (Smiles) However it all depends on my mood.

Aside music, what keeps you busy?
If I’m not strumming my guitar, you’ll probably find me kicking. I’m a huge football fanatic (laughs). I play attack and seriously want to be in a football team. Clicking photos has to be another of my passion, followed by cooking. Thangka painting also keeps me busy.

What’s your wildest dream?
I want to either play or manage the Liverpool Football Team. I would give anything for that (laughs). And yes, I’ve also applied for the national team here in Nepal, hoping for positive response (fingers crossed).

Your experience as a recording artiste.
You can’t afford to give up, just keep on going! It’s not impossible but it is not easy, you have to be prepared for some major hard work. It was tough for me recording in Nepali, as I did find emoting a little testing. I’m really thankful to Nhyoo Bajracharya’s patience and guidance.

What’s down the line?
My respect for artistes and the recording industry has risen to a total new height. It’s tough! But my experience has also fueled my desire to do more. I might come out with an EP of acoustic songs with Sunny Tuladhar of Jindabaad. And like I said, I want to pursuit football, and maybe national team (?) Hoping for busy days! (Smiles)

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