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Full of hopes
19 January 2011-Wednesday
-Alok Thapa

A debut effort that not only bestowed him with a huge fan base but went on to earn him two nominations at the recently held 14th Hits FM Music Awards 2067, Shashank Kandel is a very happy man. The man can’t stop smiling, and we hope it’s an inkling of what future has in store for him. The Janey Bhaye Jau hitmaker is not going anywhere, anytime soon.

Q: When did you first start singing?

Ever since I can remember I’ve been inclined to music. At school I used to actively participate in singing and dancing. The desire was always there and I’m thankful to my teachers whose motivation was instrumental in shaping my career.

Q: Which artists, if any, inspired you to sing?

Nabin K. Bhattrai. I grew up listening to his music. You can call me his biggest fan, hands down! (Smiles) Sugam Pokharel is another artiste who’s had major impact on me. They both are great performers and amazing singers, total package.

Q: Do you write your songs yourself? And if so, how often and what inspires your lyrics?

I find singing my own words much more intimate. It’s easier to connect and evokes the right kind of emotions. While writing I try and relate my own personal experiences. I had a nasty break up, and it was really tough on me. I was depressed, angry, hurt and I channeled all my angst into my work and “Janey Bhaye Jau” was born. (Laughs) I guess I should be thankful to “her” for leaving me. For without the heartbreak, this song wouldn’t exist.

Q: Did you expect the song to do so well, get nominated in Hits FM Music Awards?

Never in my wildest dreams had I expected to be nominated, let alone in two categories, that too in Hits FM Music Awards. Getting nominated alongside my idol Nabin K. Bhattarai was too surreal. I still pinch myself.

Q: What is next? Are you working on any live performances, or writing new material?

Lately, I’ve been busy doing stage shows. I just love the high you get from live shows. Traveling is also a big incentive, been to Chitwan, Dhading, Butwal, Nawalparasi to name a few, and the audience’s reaction has been the most heartening. I’m humbled by their love and it has fueled my desire to do my best. Currently, working on my new album; it’ll have a mix of folk, pop and a dash of slow rock.

Q: How important is winning for you?

To get nominated in two categories, that too from your first venture is a big deal. I’m happy, period. It’s a major platform for a budding artiste like me, and I’m thankful to Hits FM 91.2 for finding my work worthy of competing in their prestigious awards. Like I said, it doesn’t get better than sharing space with singer Bhattarai in the same category; I’m a winner in my eyes!

What motivates you, to keep the music going?

My family, their support has been just immense. I would like to thank my uncle Govinda Adhikari who’s always been there; his help is instrumental in making Shashank Kandel who he is today. Then of course there’s the audience, their love is one of the biggest catalysts. And a major chunk of appreciation to Hits FM Music Awards as well, the belief they showed in me has instilled renewed confidence.

Q: How does Shashank take a break, what do you enjoy doing the most?

Friends help me unwind; they are my pillars of strength and entertainment (smiles). I love traveling and visiting new places. Movies are one of the best ways to detach from reality and yes, cricket! I’m a huge sucker for the gentleman’s game.

Q: Make a wish, what would it be?

Music, may it always find a place in my world, love and support of my family, friends and audience, and appreciation of my work; that much and I’m a happy man! And lastly, please support Nepali music industry!

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