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COD - Bigger And Better!!!
30 December 2010-Thursday
-The Cheeguz

Not 'Children of Dharan', nor 'Crush on Devil', we are 'Crews on Destiny', the new and reformed COD is out with Alis Rana and Bidhan Pradhan. The boys have grown and so has their taste in music. They are out with their latest album "Road to Stardom", which also heralds the birth of their own label "Superstar Entertainment”. Read on to find out what’s ticking in their brain and what’s keeping them busy these days.

How did the song “Ekanta Chha Thau” come up?

Alis Rana: When we were in 8th standard, everyone was so into music and there was this competition of some sort, where we would challenge each other, who would compose the nicest of song. It was fun, we took it like a game and in the process the song “Ekanta Chha Thau” came about. Wow, those were the days.

Tell us about the stories that lie behind the full forms of COD.

 Actually COD stands for “Crush on Devil”, we thought it was just the coolest sounding name out there (laughs). There were also rumors that our full form was “Children of Dharan”, that was a bit funny.  Anyways, after the band broke up we didn’t have any intention of re-forming COD. But things took a u-turn when I met Bidhan Pradhan at Campion College. An aspiring singer, he also wanted a break into the music scene and one thing led to another and we decided on reviving COD, albeit under a new name “Crews on Destiny”. The journey’s not been easy, but it’s been worthwhile.

How are your fans treating you lately?

The response on our new song “Let me, bhana key garu” has been a humbling experience. The song is getting positive response and we couldn’t have asked for more. We’re here for music, and the love showered by our fans is a big bonus. I thought our music would be a hit with girls (laughs) but it’s cool to know we have an equally strong male fan base. I guess, one of the most common responses we get is “you guys have grown so much over the years” and so has our music.

Can we expect any major concerts in the future?

To be honest, we personally are not a huge fan of concerts, so haven’t actually made any plans or such. But we are keeping our options open; you never know. However, we love to do unplug sessions, it’s more intimate and you can give your 100% on singing, music takes precedence! So we might be doing one of those in the future; only for a small group of our loyal fans (winks).

What are you guys up to these days? What’s keeping you busy currently?

We only recently opened our own company "Superstar Entertainment", and the work is definitely keeping us on our toes. Bidhan does all the PR work and makes all the deals. I’m more of a reclusive type so I’m happy staying behind the scene doing creative work. You’ll probably find me busy designing album covers, maybe directing or editing. Plus we are also working on the concept for our new video “Aauta Pari”; and there’s also a new collection album in the pipeline, so definitely busy days ahead.

Tell us something about COD that no one else knows, something exclusive!

Okay, this is exclusively for you cheeguz (laughs), the songs "Mahasus", "Harek tapkeko jhari" and "I was your superstar" are for 3 different girls. But, sorry can’t disclose their names!
What/who are your biggest influences, lyrically & musically right now?
Wow, that’s a tough one, because it keeps on changing, and I guess that’s how you evolve musically as well as individually. If we are talking international, then there would be a long list but if I have to choose from Nepali music industry I’ll have to go with Aastha (Naren & Sudip), JPT - Andazification, Astha Tamang Maskey and Rohit Shakya of Jindabaad. However my mom Kalpana Rana, who passed away, will always be my inspiration and the biggest influence, period.

Last message:

Even if I preach nonstop and scream from top of my lungs STOP PIRACY, the songs will still find its way into internet and people will still download it. So we would just like our listeners to love our work and appreciate the hard work we put into it. If not for money, your love will keep us inspiring and push us to do our best.  XOXO to all.


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