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Sunil And His Fourteen Zones
10 November 2010-Wednesday
-Supriya Pradhan

The most anticipated album by Sunil Singh Thakuri is very close to seeing its light of day! The singer promised to release “Chaudha Anchal” after Tihar, so be ready, it can hit the music stores any time soon under the banner of Reeyaz Music.

A potpourri of various genres ranging from lok pop to semi-pop to even pure pop, the album consists of four main songs plus two bonus tracks. Sunil believes in quality more than quantity. So even though there are considerably less number of singles in the set, he says he has given his best in each one of them and they all focus on different subject matters. One is experimental while the other is about going through teenage love. However, the show stealer has to be the title track which, as the name suggests, is dedicated to our fourteen zones of the country. According to him, their existence may be at risk with all the ongoing instabilities. Well, let’s hope that won’t be the case but the single will still be able to retain its essence. It has also been visualized and when asked about the experience while filming the music video, Sunil had this to say, “Well, there’s one scene in the video where a couple are getting married. It was a bit awkward for me acting as a groom as it seemed too real to me so much so that a passerby actually came to congratulate us!! And then there was no oddness but a moment of fun and laughter. (smiles)”

In Dashain, ace singer Om Bikram Bista announced the release of the album at an open Sinamangal concert but the official launch is yet to take place. So for his fans, a little patience is recommended and as for Sunil Singh Thakuri himself, all the very best of luck!

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