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Indira and Her Own Dazzling World
5 November 2010-Friday
-Supriya Pradhan

Killer looks, impressive personality and superb talent, Nepali Tara finalist Indira Joshi has got them all! Lately she’s been a talk of town with everything she’s doing with her career because she’s doing it great! So let’s catch up on the things that we might have missed out about her!

1. How was your journey been, from participating in Nepali Tara as a regular person and being one of the best contestants on the show?

Indira: Actually, I was among the top five finalists of Nepali Tara, and number one female contestant. So yes, many things have changed in my life. I got a good media coverage and got to learn many things, thanks to all the regular grooming sessions we had during the show.  Before participating, I just had a normal life. I used to go to "Do Re Mi" for my vocal lessons and that was it. But Nepali Tara, things have changed drastically for me.

2. You’ve got the looks and the talent. How do you maintain the balance? How do you stay fit?

Indira: I don't do anything in particular to maintain a balance, as you said. But of course, I try to give my best every time I have to perform and always work on how I can better myself. Regarding the looks, I think nobody needs to do anything that extra. Simply drink of plenty of water, have incessant positive thoughts, base your diet on fruits and vegetables and of course, a light exercise always does the trick. So, I always make a point to work out a bit every morning.  I even enjoy dancing and try any other activities that would help keep myself fit.

And the last as well as the most important is to have a good sleep.

3. You’re well known for your energetic stage performances than as a recording artist. Would you like change the label you’ve got or are you satisfied with the impressions spectators have of you?

Indira: Wow!! I feel great to know that people take me as a good stage performer,, because I think it’s really a tough job. Actually stage performance and recording are entirely different things. When you are performing on stage, you have a direct interaction with the audience while recording, on the other hand, is a different process. We have lots of options coming in and out, we can a number of retakes, as many as we want and we can workout on the songs again if we later change our mind, everything done inside a studio. So I believe both are equally important. So I would not try to change the label that’s been given to me. However, I will want to do better in my recordings.

4. First song recorded? Any favourites of your own songs?

Indira: My first recorded song is "Shanti Nai Sandesh Ho” but it wasn’t done for any sort of release. It was a group song. The students of Do Re Mi raised fund for the recording and it was absolute fun. Well, I like all of my songs. So I guess no favourites! (smiles)

5. Which music genre do you like to specialize in as an artist?

Indira:  Well, I want to be a versatile singer. So no particular genre.

6. You’re modeling as well these days. So is that just a fluke/luck or did you really intend to get into this line?

Indira: Actually, I'm wouldn’t consider myself a model. It’s not like only models go for photo shoots or should live up to the fashion trends. Everybody should have basic ideas about such things these days. Even the singers! So whatever I do, I do it as a singer. Thanks for taking me as a model. I definitely take it as a compliment because being a model is also one really hard job.

7. What style/fashion suggestions would you like to give?

Indira: Sense of fashion/style doesn't come in mathematic formulas. So I think every individual should work it out on their own but there are few things I would like to share.  Always try to understand your body, your complexion, your height...and your face cut... and shop accordingly. Try all the colours and choose the one that suits you best. Don't hesitate to try new things because you never know, it might just click or you could experiment with your hair. You know, try new hairstyles because a good hairstyle can bring a lot of changes to your looks. But please, don't follow any trends blindly. Nevertheless, you can go crazy sometimes if you can carry it comfortably.

8. Your relationship status: Single, ready to mingle or sorry guys, already taken?!

Indira: I'm single, but really not ready to mingle because I have other priorities right now. (laughs) I’m currently working on my album and I really need to work hard for my career to become a success.

9. Favourite color (why) and food.

Indira: Basically I like all the colours but blue, red, black and white are my top priorities because I mostly use them in my wardrobe. Talking about food, we Nepalese are adopted to “Bhat, Daal and Tarkari” and I can’t seem to live without them. Besides that, I like noodles, chicken chilly and “piro aalu (spicy potato)” the most.

10. Any new projects in the making. What can your fans expect from you in the future?

Indira: Yes, I'm working on my own record right. It’s releasing shortly and is a complete dance album! So everybody can dance and have fun with it. I'll also be coming with an adhunik album but it'll take some time.

11. How was your dashain? How do you plan to celebrate this Tihar?

Indira: My Dashain was good and I'm planning to have lot of fun this Tihar. I will also be having few performances before Bhai Tika and another thing I’m excited about is that this Tihar I will be going to Parasi bazar, my birth place!

12. Your last message

Indira:  Stick to music, think positive, and spread love and peace.

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