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Music Is My Drugs
27 October 2010-Wednesday
-The Cheeguz

Seema Sangraula, the pretty lass from Dharan has wooed audience with her debut album “Note”; only two months old the album is already a favorite among the industry peeps and fans alike. “Music is my life,” declares this happy go lucky girl and vows to never give up on her dream – music!

1. Tell us how you ended up choosing music as a career.
Music always caught my fancy. It's something I was passionate about since I was little…I had already started carving my interest in music since I was 9. I used to perform at school functions and even participate in other stage programs. However, back then I hadn’t thought that I’d be getting into the field professionally. I still feel like I’m struggling and learning. I’m sure there are many things to be learnt. With the release of my first album, it’s just a beginning for me. Only when the audience accepts my work, I will decide to continue my career in the music biz.

2. Who are your musical influences?
I grew up listening to my father's extensive record collection. I guess the early exposure to music had a profound effect on me. The encouragement that I got at school from friends and teachers was a huge morale booster. Aruna Lama, Sukmit Gurung, Narayan Gopal Shrestha are some of the singers whose music has heavily influenced me.

3. Your first single "K nai Runuchha" has been on the radio for some time. How did you feel the first time you heard it?
My debut album “Note” was launched in August. The whole experience was unnerving, exciting – I still get butterflies when I think of it. The reality of my song getting air-play didn’t sink for a long time. (smiles) I was happy, that’s for sure.

4. You just released "Note", how has been the response?
So far so good; I’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback and that’s something I really appreciate.

I am all ears for criticism that is constructive in helping me be a better artist.

5. Among all the songs you’ve sung, which one is your best?
Phew!! That’s a tough call. Equal amount of love and effort has been invested in each and every song, it’s really tough to pin-point any one particular song. I love them all (laughs). But if you insist, I think I’ll have to go with “Fuldaichhan Kehi Khusi Haru”, it has some beautiful words.

6. How was the experience, working with such renowned names in industry?
My ambition was always clear, I wanted to be a singer. And thanks to talented people like Kali Prasad Baskota, Gopal Rasaili, Pradeep Joshi, Ricky Shakya, Sanup Paudel, that dream has taken life. I'm really grateful to have worked with the industry's best, and hope the audience will appreciate our effort.

7. Next to singing what is your passion?
Social work has always interested me. Selfless work done with full heart and perfection is the best way to recharge.

8.What’s in store for the Future?
I’m looking for good music, good circle to work with. Like I said, I’m just getting started, so learning is still a big part of the picture.

9. Five things Seema can't live without:
Reading and
Music (Laughs) I guess music is like drugs, once you get involved it’s hard to detach yourself from it.

10. And you can’t stand…
I love pets; I’m a big animal lover but I can’t seem to stand feline of the species. Cats give me heebie-jeebies. So do catty people!

11. If you could have one superpower… what would you want?
If there’s one thing I’d really like to change, it’s the way people of our society think and react. Remove all the negativity that’s been swirling around us lately.

Lastly, I’d like to thank the Cheeguz for giving me a chance to open up. Happy Tihar to CyberSansar team as well as its viewers!

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