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Mother's Love...
22 October 2010-Friday
-Supriya Pradhan

“Eh aama timro najik aaekana khelthe ma
Timrai chati ma hurke ma
Timrai maya ma bhulthe ma
Phulnai  napie oelae sake khaderi sari bho
Timi le malai chodera gayau
Pida yo man bhari bho”

Music being a universal language can help us express many different emotions we go through. Love is one of those feelings and even love itself has various forms. So singer Laxxu Niraula has chosen to sing on such a delicate subject matter- love for mothers. Shooting for the music video of Eh Aama took place recently. And here’s what we could get from our tea-time chitchat with Niraula and director Dipendra Shakya.

1. How do you address this song?
This song is especially a message delivered to those sons and daughters who have ignored the sufferings and sacrifices bore by their mothers. It provokes them to remember those moments spent with their mothers and requests them to embrace her.

2. What inspired to make this song?
Actually I just casually wrote the song at first without thinking who it was for or what message it was to give. But then eventually, I thought of using it in such a way that it would deliver a special message to all the music lovers, especially to those who have ignored the existence of their mothers.

3. What kind of experience did you have while making the video?
It was fun but not easy at the same time probably because it was my first time directing a music video. After the shoot was over, I was recalling every shot and imagining replacing some of them. I was too excited to stop thinking about what I did and what just happened. Overall, it was a good learning experience for me.
4. What kind of response do you expect from the video?
I definitely expect a positive response. I have worked hard. The props and talents involved in the video will add beauty to the plot of this video.


5. Any bitter or joyous experience the crew had during the making?
We were scheduled to have an outdoor shoot at Bhojan Griha, Dillibazzar and during one of our breaks, a reflector happened to ram a car (most probably an expensive one). So we got absolutely terrified!! We were afraid that we would have to compensate for the damage but fortunately, the owner cooperated. He was real kind. If we had to pay for the damage, the total cost for making the video would have crossed 2 lakhs! And that’s a very big amount.

6. How will you define the music video?
All I can say is that the music video will make its effect upon those who are intentionally staying far from their mothers. Lyrics are obviously effectual but the video will add extra ingredients in its message.

7. Was it your dream to become a music video director?
Honestly speaking, I never thought of directing a video. I used to consider video direction as the toughest job but I am surprised that I finally did it. I would like thank Laxxu Niraula for offering the opportunity.

8. Besides directing, what other things are you involved in?
Believe it or not, I’m also an instrumentalist!! I play tabala, congo and sometimes, drums as well. Talking about my profession, I am associated with Digitainment as a Business Relation Manager.

9. How do you foresee the future of Digitainment?
The website will be the one that will take Nepali music scene to a whole new level that will include the international market as well as guard it from the viciousness of piracy.

10. What are your future plans regarding you music career?
I cannot say about the music career but I have thought of donating 25% of all the proceeds generated from CRBT download to an organization dedicated for the welfare of orphans.

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