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Flying Higher Earlier Than Anyone
2 October 2010-Saturday
-Supriya Pradhan

Photos Captured by Aabiskar Shrestha

She’s really really young, highly talented and has a voice that will leave you mesmerized. Already a star in the music industry, she is Rajina Rimal- a name one ought to remember. Having sung so many songs for a number of movies and a solo album under her belt, Rajina is probably the best choice for musicians these days when it comes to playback singing. Regarding the fact that she usually lends her beautiful voice to actresses much older than her, she could even be considered as the “Sunidhi Chauhan” of Nepali music industry. Now that has got to be a rare compliment. So here’s giving you a chance to know more about our songbird who’s made us so proud, the exclusive chitchat with Rajina Rimal.

1. You started singing at the age of 12 and by the time you were 13, you had already started playback singing in the movies. Since you were so young, was it really you who wanted to get into music or did your guardians influence you to?
Rajina: Yes, I do admit I started in the music field really young but believe it or not, it was my own decision! Yes, I myself was very much keen and interested in the field but I have to add that I wouldn’t have been able to pursue my passion on my own. For that, the credit goes to my parents who were always there to support me. They never doubted my interest or my ability and so they helped me throughout my journey in the industry so far. It is because of them that I have reached where I am right now and become what I am today.

2. You’re just in 12th grade and you’ve already achieved so much. How do you feel looking back and recollecting your experiences?

Rajina: It is only natural for one to feel great to have achieved so much at an early stage of life and that’s exactly how I feel too when I try to remember my past experiences but I also feel proud and have more respect for myself. I always wanted to be a good singer and now, I see my dreams slowly being fulfilled. I couldn’t be happier!

3. How did you first feel that at a young age, your voice was too mature for you and that you had to sing for actresses much older than you?

Rajina: To be honest, at first, I was very surprised, absolutely stunned to hear that my voice was too mature for me but when I finished singing my first few songs I got so emotional, I felt like crying because my first dream had been fulfilled. Actually, the age factor and I sounding older than I should be don’t really matter much to me as long as I’m doing what I love to the most- singing. However, I’m not stopping any time soon for there’s still so much to offer and so much to do in my singing career.

4. Five things Rajina loves the most.

1) Simply love good weathers. For me, that is listening to the rainfall and sleeping.
2) Collecting different types of pens. I’m really fond of them.
3) People who are always down to earth.
4) Shopping! Who doesn’t love it, right? That especially includes buying music CDs and clothes, of course.
5) And at last but not the least, I love chatting with my friends, be it on the internet or in person.  

5. Who are your musical influences?

Rajina: My idols have got to be Lata Mangeshkar and Shreya Ghosal. I grew up listening to them and thus, their songs are the source of my musical influence.

6. Among all the songs you’ve sung, which one is your best?

Well, all the songs I’ve sung are my best but if I have to pick only some then it has to be “Manche Huna Saku” from my first album Pari, and among the movie soundtracks, “Pahilo Prem Ko” from the film First Love and Nai Nabhannu La title song. There are still plenty more songs to be out which I think might just enter my list of favourites.

7. What is the toughest part about your job?

Rajina: I think every job is basically tough. So if you love and enjoy your work, nothing will be as difficult but in my case, it’s the way of tackling with my job that gets me. You know, time management and all.

8. Which one moment has made you proud of yourself more than ever?

Rajina: It’s a good thing that you asked this question. Only recently, I had had the opportunity to become a judge at a school program (Future Star School). And there, I came to know that the students sing my song “Manche Huna Saku” as their assembly song at the school everyday which not only made me feel like that I had achieved something but also that I can make a difference in people’s lives with my music. So, that has got to be the proudest moment for me. (smiles)

9. Anything you want to say about your new projects?

Rajina: Well, currently I am quite busy preparing for my new album. I just hope it will come out in the market very soon.

10. Your last message.

Rajina: My last message will always be - love Nepali music and Nepali artists.

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