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I'm Very Normal
24 September 2010-Friday
-Alok Thapa

Down to earth, normal and easy going is what his friends would describe him; Shreshan Shrestha has just begun his journey into the music world, which he hopes will last a lifetime. After releasing songs in a collection Album "Platform", now he is gearing up to release his debut solo album "Mirror-The Reflection of Life". We caught up with Shrestha, who had this to say to some of our questions.

1. What kind of a person is Shreshan Shrestha?

I’m very normal. I’m close to my family and friends and I’m a very easy person to please. I have simple tastes, and that’s how I like my life. (smiles)

2. Who are your inspirations?

Hmmm now that would be a long list, lots of people have inspired me, but to name a few, my family, Sugam Pokharel, 9Double7, 11:30 Basan, Visan Yonjan, Raunak Niroula, Sudip Shrestha. They all have played a key role in my musical journey, their support has been integral in the materialization of my dream.

3. What’s music to you?

Music for me is like the very air we breathe to survive. It’s what propels me ahead and keeps me motivated. If you have music in your heart, I believe you have mastered the universal language, any feelings any thoughts can be expressed via music. It’s life for me.

4. Which is your greater passion: Web developing/graphic designing or music?

Well that’s a really difficult question. Both are my interests and being a creative person, I love to keep myself occupied. But if I really had to choose, then I would have to say music, definitely.

5. Has you being a web master helped in your music making?

Websites are like windows to the world, definitely a platform with a global appeal. I can take my music to a broader audience and the exposure I can get is unmatched.

6. What are you currently busy with?

My studies keep me on toes, literally. (Sighs) We just finished the music video for “Samjhana”; it’ll be on television pretty soon. Besides music, I am involved in as well.

7. Five things people ought to know about Shreshan Shrestha.

I’m very shy. It takes ages for me to open up but once I’m comfortable I’m very easy to be with. Friendly is what my friends call me. I have a very short fuse, get angry fast. Total movie buff and yes, just a little lazy. (laughs)

8. Tell us something about your album “Mirror-The Reflection of Life”. Any new projects on the way?

“Mirror-The Reflection of Life” is my 1st solo project. There are 7 songs composed my Chetan Karki, most of them are sentimental. is handling the marketing and distribution of the album. Director Visan Yonjan has directed my first ever music video, “Samjhana” and it’ll be out on TV channels very soon.

9. What matters more to you- fame or satisfaction from your work?

A satisfied soul is a happy one, and that matters a lot!! If you do your best, fame is not far behind, it will follow, but for that to happen you got to be satisfied with you, yourself and your work.

10. How has your musical journey been so far?

It has been memorable. The path leading to my debut album has taken some 4 struggling years with tons of ups and downs, but it has just gone to strengthen my resolve to deliver my best. I started my career in music with “Platform”, a collection album. I still get goose-bumps when I recollect recording "Samjhana Aaaucha” feat. 9Double7 & Naina. It was not an easy feat, but it was worth every single sweat!

11. Your last words.

My album has been a journey of hard work and it wouldn’t have been possible without your love and support. It’s crucial that I get opportunity to improve myself and for that I need your feedback, any suggestion, critique, comments will be appreciated! And yes, please do support Nepali music industry and stop piracy!

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