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Sincerity To Himself And To Others
18 September 2010-Saturday
-Supriya Pradhan

A lyricist, a radio presenter and a college lecturer, Bhupendra Khadka excels in almost everything he does. The reason? His truthfulness and dedication. He is one rare brutally honest guy our music industry has come across who says it like it is. However, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a softer side. So let’s discover the sides which many might not know about. The Q&A session with Khadka is a conversation to remember.

1. Five things Bhupendra Khadka can't live without.

Bhupendra: Music, lyrics, love, friends and radio.

2. Putting words into music (composing) or writing a song, which is tougher?

Bhupendra: It is fun and comparatively easy to compose a song after the lyrics have been written because the lyric is what gives birth to a song. On the other hand, when the words are to be created to go with a tune, it might be a little tougher. So being able to do so is one of the qualities an artist should possess. It may be a difficult task but I think I’ve done justice to both the departments, composing and writing.

3. Your show on Kantipur FM, it's pretty straight forward. You say it like it is. Many a times artistes are cornered. Have you made more enemies or friends?

Bhupendra: I think one doesn’t make friends without making few enemies. But I’m a person with a positive attitude. So even though I’m quite straight forward with the things I say to anybody, I don’t think I’ve made as many enemies as I have made friends. I feel like I’m getting whole lot of love and support from everyone I know. In the end, there’s a saying that will always be at the back of my head, "Save me from my friends, I’m pretty much aware of my enemies."

4. Any new projects in the pipeline?

Bhupendra: In 2009, I started working for about seven movies that brought about a new trend in Nepali film industry. I have tried to give my best effort in penning lyrics for all of them, the work for which is still continuing. I also worked with some of my friends in making the film "Swar", the first ever Nepali movie based on a story about music. Along with that, I have contributed lyrically in many upcoming albums for many artists.

My third solo album "Upadhi" is also on the way to its release! The set will completely consist of pure adhunik songs featuring the vocals as well as music from brothers duo Satya/Swaroop Aacharya and will be out in the market under the banner of Bindabasini Music. However, before that, my closest friend  Rekha Shah's new album “Smriti” will be released for which I am the solo lyricist but I have to add, the tracks I’ve written for the album are quite different than my usual materials. This time, I have chosen to write quite cheesy yet pleasantly peppy words for Rekha’s new effort. So that may be the reason why I have many expectations from it. I am pretty hopeful as well.

5. Next to music, what’s your #2 passion?

Bhupendra: Music is always there for me but besides that, I simply love radio journalism and my job as a radio presenter. Without these two, I can’t even imagine my life.

6. What is your biggest desire and expectation?

Bhupendra: One of the many things I really long to do is something for songs and gazals in Nepali music field. I wish to take them to a higher level, bring lots of positive changes. And the other thing is help out the new generation that is always expecting more from the seniors for a good direction. I want to assist them even through the medium of radio. I wish to inspire as well as add energy and passion in them.

7. What is your biggest fear?

Bhupendra: It might sound strange and surprising but it’s my own creations. Yes, they’re the biggest source of fear to me.

8. What do you think about music artists taking part in competition shows on television as judges? If given a chance, would you do so too?

Bhupendra: I totally support such competition shows. They should be there because they help to discover new talents in a convenient way, which otherwise, would not have been possible. And if given a chance, I would definitely participate in them as a judge but if I were asked to judge a show that specializes in something beyond my field, then the answer would be a straight “no”. I have no interest in refereeing anything that I don’t know about.

9. Bhupi as a lyricist or as an RJ?

Bhupendra: According to my educational qualifications, my life and my feelings, I’m a lyricist and radio jockeying is my passion and part of my life. So I’d say I’d be helpless without being any one of them. They’re like nail and flesh! LOL!!

10. Do you see yourself as a source of inspiration to others?

Bhupendra: Yes, I definitely see myself as an inspiration to others. First, because I have a positive attitude and I’m always striving to do something for the new generation in the music field. Even as a lecturer at college, I believe I’m a respected teacher, an idol for my students. And secondly, I’m a dutiful person. I always try to give my best in everything I do. I accept both the best and the worst part of my job and I never ignore the bad things I may have to face while fulfilling my duty which some might want to get away from.

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