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Accept And Love 'Hamri Shivani'
9 September 2010-Thursday
-Alok Thapa

A lingering touch, a stare when it’s not needed, and a sly smile that has a hidden agenda - sexual harassment is on the rise, and young girls are the prime target. But on the periphery of other so called serious issues these are always sidelined, yet child abuse is just as prevalent. Can society be blamed for being the breeding ground for all those evils? Yes, but who is the society really made of? You and I, right? So how about we make some constructive changes and if each of us did our part I'm sure the world would be a better place to live in. One way is to educate people and what better medium than television as the carrier of such awareness. Produced by Voice of Children, VOC and supported by Danish Embassy, "Hamri Shivani" is such. A TV serial that boldly targets issues and bring forth the perils faced by street children and the sexual abuse children face in a society where sex is considered a taboo and any crime committed around its fringe a hush, hush tight lipped affair.

"Burning issue as such can't be ignored and I feel privileged to have gotten this opportunity to direct this 26 episode TV series. It's one of the most ambitious projects I've undertaken and it has been most satisfying. We have one amazing bunch in the form of cast and crew and really happy to report joining us is fabulous actor and a good friend 'Malvika Subba'. Her entry will be on the 7th episode, airing September 9th on Nepal Television", informs Pradeep Kaspal, the man helming the series.

Six episode old and the series is already garnering a lot of positive reviews and fair amount of criticism, but this has only gone to strengthen Kaspal's resolve to better on what is already good, according to him. The series stars Prekshya Adhikary as Shivani, the protagonist who is subjected to sexual molestation herself, and it’s around her ordeal and struggle the episode weaves its storyline. Filling the shoes of a social worker, teacher in the series is Malvika Subba. A prominent presence in the Nepali media, Subba's involvement is definitely appreciated and one that can help elevate the hype surrounding the series, any publicity is good publicity. Joining the list of well known face brigade "Hamri Shivani" will have veteran star Tripti Nagar lending her acting skills as well, Kaspal confirms. The series airs every Thursday 7:25 PM and repeat telecast on Fridays 11:30 AM on Nepal Television.

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