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Chocolate Dreams
10 September 2010-Friday
-Alok Thapa

“It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice”, is the philosophy that drives Manjayshree Bhatta. Always ready to share a smile, she’s what you call a typical happy go lucky girl. In love with her life which includes her academics, music, chocolates, family and some more chocolates, the fashionista fires back her answers all the way from Japan. Here’s a little excerpt from our chit chat session!

1. When did you start singing?

I started to sing since I was in junior school. I used to perform every time I get a chance. It's been a lifelong passion which I am lucky enough to have made my career. “Magnet” my first album was released in 2005. The first song I recorded was “Sindhuri Sanjh Ma” which was written by my brother and composed by my sister, a total family affair (smiles). It still is one of my all time favorites.

2. Who encouraged you to sing?

My mom loves music and she has great vocal. She encouraged me whenever she could and always pointed me in the direction. And in some ways I think I am living her dream.

3. You’re out with your second album “Yes I can”, tell us something about it.

Diversity is the key to growth and longevity in this business; I believe that’s how you keep your listeners hooked to your music. I try and mix different styles of songs in my album, bits and bytes for everyone. My first album was more inclined towards the pop scene, but in the second I have tried to experiment with different styles, have incorporated little bit of everything.

4. After the launch of your 2nd album, you immediately went abroad, what’s the rush?

I am doing my masters in Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan. Education for me is number one priority. Music will always be a part of Manjayshree’s life, it’s what keeps me going. Once I am done with my studies, I’ll be able to give more time to it.

5. So how’s life in the land of the rising sun?

Busy is the word! I’m trying to finish writing my thesis, which is taking a major chunk of my time. But I try and make out time for some fun, trying to soak in as many events as I can here in Japan. In few weeks I will be flying to Tokyo to attend “Teej celebration” hosted by Nepali community.
6. What are your likes and dislikes?

I love my family and I admire honesty, dignity, strength of character and more chocolates please! (Smiles) I can’t stand the gossip mongers, liars, caterpillars and my handwriting! (lol)

7. What would your perfect day off be like?

I’m a big time homebody, hanging with my friends and family, staying at home; playing board games is my slice of heaven.

8. Any plans for Dashain?

I’m scheduled to attend a concert in Tokyo, that’s on October 10th and after that if everything goes as expected either I will arrive home for Dashain or I may visit my brother and sister in California. Can’t wait for some family time!

9. Anything new, any future plans?
As of now I have no plans for new project, but when I return to Nepal I will most definitely be working on a music video for one of my songs from the “Yes I can” album. Let’s see!

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