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Flexibly Yours
30 August 2010-Monday
-Alok Thapa

“Is poor time management my Achilles’ heel?" Yes! I guess I've done graduation in the art of procrastination, something I'm not exactly proud of but hey, you know what they say - admitting is the first step towards the solution. The question is when? Time management is one of those skills no one teaches you in school but you have to learn yourself. I guess I’m a slow poke, speaking of which I got poked on Facebook and the poker was no joker - a serious young talent, who's really serious about her work and yes she has cracked the holy grail of time management. Enter Shital Moktan, guilty on all accounts. Who, I presume can give me a lesson or two in this department. Her first love is singing and does vocal training every day, she's pursuing her MBA degree - that means studying, a full time job if you ask me. Apart from that she teaches little kids, she heads her own production company "Surmount Media" and directs music videos. My reaction, "are you bionic or something?"

"I love being busy, what's wrong with that? I love the rush of creativity and I love to work with people that I admire and adore!" Moktan reveals her stint with direction started as a fluke and now after five videos, she's pretty serious about this craft of moving pictures. It all started with sister Shubani's "Farkera Maya", which was later followed by slew of other music videos for Yam Baral, Lasmit Rai and mommy dearest Kunti Moktan. "I'm a singer first, but once you're in this field it helps to know the nitty-gritties, music videos being one of them. It plays a big part in today's screen driven world, and I personally feel empowered to be doing something that comes naturally to me." Hence the birth of "Surmount Media Production", the company that she started single handedly. She's currently busy with pre-production work for "Juni-Juni", the duet number will feature both Moktan sisters on frame. "I'm super psyched about this one, and I have set a challenge this time. Make a good video on a very tight budget. Let's see, how it works. After 'Juni-Juni', I'll be working on mom's video."

So what's next, movies? Nonchalantly she answers, "Why not?"

And why not? The hipsters these days are good at multi-tasking and she's no exception. And while proof reading this ramble jamble, got a call from Shital who revealed she’s just passed her Yoga class. That means add to her already cramped resume - Yoga Instructor. What's happening to kids these days? Is busy the new easy? Congratulations to a very flexible (with time) Shital Moktan. Lights, camera... Action!

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