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From Black To Karma And Everything In Between
3 September 2010-Friday
-Supriya Pradhan

A singer, lyricist and composer, Prabin Bajracharya started his journey in the music industry with his debut effort Black and since then, there’s been no looking back for him as followed the popularity of his 2nd album Kamata and now, it’s the turn of his latest work Karma. A graduate in Classical music and Raagas under the affiliation of Prayag Sangeet, Allahabad, Bajracharya is also a passionate dog trainer! That’s what makes this Taurean so interesting. He has a dog training center "K-9 Dog Training & Care", Sanepa and owns a brigade of 9 pooches! We also loved his hits “Sano Kurale", “Samjhi Samjhi” and “Timrai Mayama”. Well, recently the singer had been real busy touring different parts of the country but we were lucky enough to get hold of him for an exclusive talk. Here’s how you can know Prabin Bajracharya better!

1. Besides singing and composing, you also write songs. So what kind of subjects/topics you usually touch to write?
Prabin: Well, generally I write songs about reality, true stories based on one’s life and they can even be about the things I have experienced myself or something I can relate to. Apart from that, I love writing on various topics. They could range from love songs to lyrically folk flavoured songs which are generally liked by the listeners!

2. Which was your first passion: Dog training or singing?
Prabin: This might be a bit hard for me to answer when I have to choose just one because since my childhood I've always been very close to music and at the same time, I developed the passion for dog training as well….However, if I were cornered to take just one then, I’ll have to go with music. Music was the first step I took in life for nurturing my hobby. Therefore, it is my first passion.

3. How has your music studies in an Indian board helped your career here in Nepal?
Prabin: Well actually I didn’t have to go to India for the music course…I trained myself the Classical theories here and Raagas were taught by Senior Classical Vocal Masters and I gave regular exam under Allahabad India Board. It helped me with things like Grammar of music and I realized classical music is the main root of any music genre. So there’s no way my studies wouldn’t have helped my career. It’s definitely a yes!

4. If you were to choose only one, which one would be your preference: Your training job or music?
Prabin: A tough question again! Well, both of them have been those parts of my life that I’ve been very addicted to. I can't really choose just one…I love my dogs and I’m always going to be there to take care of them but my high preference as a career path would definitely be music!

5. What image do you think your music conveys?
Prabin: My music is all about my feelings, how I pour them out along with my imagination into tunes and lyrical words…I think it conveys the image of happy go-jolly funky folk tunes and sometimes has an emotional touch I suppose

6. Tell us about your latest album “Karma”?
Prabin: Talking about its name, I’ve never really or you could say, I hardly believe in luck. I believe in working in the present and leaving things/results to the future which comes to relate to Karma. What you give is what you get in return. So that is the very reason why I chose as the name of my album, “Karma”. As for the kind of music, the album has folk based rock songs, a bit of pop music and even Classical based tracks. So the set caters a wide range of audience which I’ve always wanted to do.

7. Your favourite pastime?
Prabin: My favorite pastimes are obviously music and dogs…..I’m too busy to do anything else!

8. How do you handle all your 9 dogs?? What are the breeds that you own?
Prabin: Since I have a dog training centre of my own, I don’t have problem handling my loving pets. There I have a staff who have been really helpful for me to look after the dogs….And the breeds I currently have are German Shepherd, Pug, and Boxer.

9. Any special/exclusive suggestions to dog owners or to those wanting to own one?
Prabin: Well my very first suggestion to dog owners would be that they must have good feelings towards the friendly animals and should try to treat them as one of their family members. That way, they’ll always love you back and behave good…..Apart from the loving part, one should also be concerned about vaccinations and health care….

10. How has your journey been till now as a music artist?
Prabin: I was struggling at the beginning of my learning process and I am still struggling and learning more about music ….I remember legendary Russian composer Sergei Rachmaninoff’s saying “Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music” and that’s exactly what I’ve been feeling throughout my musical journey till now. In other words, I’m loving it!

11. Has the release of music videos helped the popularity of your songs?
Prabin: Yes!! Definitely, they have helped me a lot!! The 21st century media has played a huge role in promoting the audio aspect with the help of digital visual aide. Through music videos, artists get more exposure and they even get to interpret their songs from a higher level…

12. Any last messages?
Prabin: Well my message is what most of the artists would say because we mean it- stop buying pirated CDs and secondly, I would like to ask my listeners and fans to comment on my music so that I can do better and give my best in the future!! Give me a chance to improve and lastly, love our country……Peace!

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