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Taking everything as it comes
6 August 2010-Friday
-Supriya Pradhan

A model, an actress and even a former Miss University Nepal, we’ve all known Usha Rajak in the showbiz for years and how can one ever forget the bold beauty. But you must’ve realized her absence in the field for quite some time now. That’s because she was busy collecting more titles to her repertoire! Extremely sweet and down-to-earth, she is now also a loving wife and a happy mother. Well, she may have her hands full but she is definitely making a comeback to what she loves to do! So while you wait for her new projects to come out, here’s Usha talking about her experience on the most important phase of her life and beyond!

1. One Secret, you are ready to divulge!
Usha: Aha-tricky! A secret won’t be a secret anymore if I announce it!

2. What did you want to be when you grew up? A model, actress or was that unplanned?
Ah, there were whole lot of things I wanted to become, from an acrobat to a healer. Actor being one of them, I did become one but it was definitely not planned!

3. From becoming a model to landing as an actress, how was the experience? Your preference.
Usha: It was altogether a wonderful journey. I’ve learnt so much from my experience and there’s still a lot more yet to be learnt. Looking back, I may have done things which I now think I shouldn’t have but I have absolutely no regrets whatsoever. I’m simply looking forward to whatever that is in store for me.

4. You're happily married with a lovely daughter, congratulations! So what are your plans for future? Happy married life or showbiz glory?
Thanks… I plan to continue my career in showbiz, balancing both family and work. I know it’s hard to do so but with my supportive husband and a very understanding baby, I see a possibility to work again. I take my baby to my shootings and she loves it!

5. Will you be able to balance all three- being a wife, a mother, and a public figure?
Back then during my school days, I used to think exams were the most difficult things one had to face but I was just a kid and now I’ve realized that is nothing compared to the challenge of being a wife and a mother. However, even so, I’m loving each and every moment of what I’m going through right now. It sure is tough to do all three but I am up for it and with a few bumps here and there, it’s been wonderful!

6. You're a successful model, an actress, which has made you quite an authority on fashion scene. What is your ultimate fashion statement?
Thanks for being so generous on the compliments! (smiles) As you must’ve noticed, I mostly go for the classics. Be it the black and whites or diamond studs, classics always win.

7. Are there any social causes that are close to your heart?
I take so much love and value from the society so I never miss a chance to give back. I have been volunteering at different places to help out needy people from the age of nine. I started with delivering food and messages to the patients at Patan Hospital at doctors’ rounds… I used to spend my Fridays at a physically-challenged children’s school teaching them and also ran acting workshops there, before I had a baby. Right now, we (my family) are providing basic goods like milk and food to babies at a children’s home. Little as I do and have done, I believe, more than a hype, social work is something I worship from the core of my heart.

8. What do you think is your biggest asset?
Other than my friends and family and my baby, the biggest asset that I have is the ability to give.

9. How did you and your husband Sergey Egorov come to meet for the first time?
(Laughs) I guess almost everybody in K-town knows about it by now, I’ve told the story like a thousand times! But I never get tired of saying it over and over again. Well, we met at Dhokaima (you get the yummiest pastries there) about 3 years ago. Both of us had gone there for lunch. That’s when we stumbled upon each other. We were strangers of course, but then he kept staring at me for a long time and finally, came over and asked, ‘Do u like jazz?’ Surprisingly, I happened to be a jazz music fan!! That’s how the conversation started and the rest, like they say, is history!

10. What kind of change has your 8-month-old daughter Luna brought into your life/yourself?
Honestly, the home environment is a chaos with a crawling baby around. Once I used to be lazy even to take care of myself but gone are those days. I am always running around in the house now to serve my little princess. On the other hand, having a baby has changed my perspective towards everything. I see the positive side of everything and everyone. Luna, a delicate and beautiful little person has filled me and my home with sheer happiness. She has given me the greatest honor a woman could have- of being a mother.

11. Your husband is Russian. So how have you been adapting to a totally new culture/lifestyle? How much of Russian have you learnt so far?
Although we come from two different corners of the globe and have many differences in our cultures, my husband and I have a common factor between us -we are absolutely in love with Nepal. Sometimes, I forget that we are not from the same country and I don’t see much difference between Russian and Nepali cultures -both are interesting and beautiful. I love learning languages, my hubby is a great teacher and I have learnt an ample amount of Russian-at least to get me through the streets of St. Petersburg.

12. Tell us about your experience of becoming a mother for the first time. What message would you like to give to other new mums out there?
It all happened in Bali, Indonesia. My husband and I went there as tourists but we loved the place so much that we decided to extend our stay. That’s when and where I went through my pregnancy phase and Luna was born. There I had taken pre-natal classes which included knowing about everything related to pregnancy, labor and baby. Fortunately, having practiced techniques for easy birth according to Hypnobirth for months, my birth experience was beautiful. When I held Luna for the first time in my shaky hands, I felt like in heaven. Having a baby has changed my perspective towards everything. I see the positive side of everything and everyone. I’d suggest all the mums to-be and new mums to read, research and implement the healthy and happy way of having and raising babies!

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