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Peaceful Easy Feeling
30 July 2010-Friday
-Alok Thapa

His debut album “V-Sign”, with his cover of “Rituharuma Timi” – in memory of Late Ram Thapa, pushed Buddha N Shrestha into the limelight, and deservingly so. A spiritual soul, he's passionate about his work, his music and is immensly partiotic. An uncompromising artist, Shrestha's personality is as laid back as his music, and it was our privilege to catch up with him recently, here's the little chat that ensued.

What are the sources for your inspiration, for personal life as well for your profession?

- My family and friends, their support has played a key role in my life. They are my pillars of strength. And as an artiste, my inspiration is music itself.

When or what event led you to come up with the song "Naya Nepal"?

- Actually, Shekher Bogadiya had penned this particular song depicting "shanti" in Nepal, and I had composed for it but due to the political situation then, it didn't quite gel, didn't go with the public’s sentiment, so we had to start from scratch, all over again. This time we tackled the theme of "unity for peace", and the song “Naya Nepal” was born. Although it was recorded in 2007, its message still rings true. The music video for this very song is coming soon; it’s being made under the banner of NTV.

What is the most difficult part of your job?

- Given a choice, I would rather sing than do the media promotion thing (Smiles). Singing comes naturally to me; it’s the promotional thing that gets me all blue.

Three things people ought to know about Buddha N. Shrestha.

- I’m very passionate about music, and I don’t know but I have this urgency to sing as many good songs as I can. I’m a very religious person, and am intrigued by the deeper spiritual aspect of life.

And I'm very much romantic, but I'm romantic about, not just my love life, I'm romantic about life in general, enjoy every moment – is my motto.

How do you rate your ability as a music artist?

You see, comparison game can get quite dicey, what I do is special to me and it should not be benchmarked using somebody else’s standards. And neither is it in my jurisdiction to critique others. As an artiste I’m still learning, still growing. There’s so much to do and so little time. My challenge is with me, myself and my creativity.

What image/message do you think your music conveys?

Music is a gift of God's good creation and we are just a medium. I believe in the power of music and its effect on human psychic, so it’s a conscious effort on my part to deliver my best. In this album you’ll find songs on love, tragedy, patriotic song “Naya Nepal” and one even depicting Lord Buddha’s maha bani, it’s titled “Jindagi”.

How do you describe yourself?

I believe in simple living high thinking, I try and be good as far as possible (smiles), but never do any harm. You see we all have choices, options to choose from, so make a good one.

What’s your plan for the future?

Lead a happy life, and music is very much a big part of that picture. So future definitely sees me involved in music.

Your contributions to Nepali music industry?

From my side it’s been an effort of 120%. Have done my best, and now it’s up to the public, you, to decide. But as far as music is concerned, I’ll never settle for mediocrity (smiles), that’s just not my style.

Any new projects in the making?

Currently it’s the making of music video for “Naya Nepal” that’s keeping me busy, Nepal television is overlooking the production. And I would like to take this opportunity to thank, Mr. Rajendra Thapa for all his support.

Last Message

My second album, “O Maya” is on its way, so busy with final few touches. Please do listen and any feedback from your side will be appreciated. And yes love Nepali music!!

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