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Musically Mature
23 July 2010-Friday
-Alok Thapa

Sajal Neupane, a promising new talent that got many in the music industry excited. A listen to his debut album "Naman" and the reason becomes quite apparent. His deep, mature voice defies his young age, and his musical gifts in the fields of singing and musicianship have marked him out. Let us know a little more about this boy wonder, here's Sajal up-close and personal.

How is the music industry treating you lately?
So far so good, the response has been great, touchwood. The public has appreciated my work, and that matters a lot. Media has been really supportive, it’s been 8 months since my album release and happy to say songs are doing great in airplay. I'm getting a lot of positive feedback. Plus my relationship with the music company has been really smooth, guess I'm lucky.

Why did you want to record and release your own music?
Pursuing my passion for music, I would say. I want to carve my name, want to add a brick with my name on it in this big wall of the music industry. (Laughs) And it just so happens, name and fame comes with the package, I will take it.

What distinguishes you from your peers?

Variety and versatility are the key to success, major USP. If you go through my album you'll get a taste of different styles. From one track to another, you'll get the feel of different genres. There is soft rock, rock & roll, semi classical, adhunik and even gazhal. I'm still learning and everyday is a new challenge, but loving it.

What makes you feel special?
The gift of music and my voice, I'm really thankful for that.

3 of your surprising unique characteristics you’d like to let your listeners know.

I'm a complete foodie but a strict vegetarian. I'm interested in martial arts, I've this strange fascination towards the art of Ninja (grins boyishly). And I believe in divine retribution, I'm very spiritual.

What do you think is money well spent on?
I can't speak for everyone else, different folks different strokes, but money well spent is definitely when you don't end up kicking yourself in the end, right? If I had tons of money (sighs) I would splurge it on fancy musical instruments.
What kind of imprint/mark do you want to leave on Nepali Music industry?

I'm a pretty simple man with modest ambitions, but when it comes to my music I am very particular, you can say I'm my own worst critic. I won't settle for anything mediocre. I've a plan you know, (smiles) and that is to be recognized as a versatile singer and want to leave behind a legacy that's Sajal Neupane, a good singer. (Fingers crossed)

What kind of changes do you want to see in our Nepali music industry in the coming years?

Royalty in music!! This provision will ensure artists get their due. Frankly speaking, music industry can be a pretty harsh existence, and little help as such goes a long way.

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