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Miss Angel 2010 Contestant - Miss Shriti Prajapati
2 July 2010-Friday

Name: Miss Shriti Prajapati

Contestant No: 06

Age: 20           

Height: 5'3"       

Weight: 50

Education: Higher Secondary Level.

Hobbies/Interest: Horse riding and listening to music.

Ambition in life: To be someone people look at and follow.

Life is: Here for you just once so experience everything.

Beauty is: In the eyes of the beholder.

According to you a good model should possess: Not only a good figure and beauty but also a pleasing personality and talent.

On a date you would like to go out with: Johnny Depp

What attracts you to the opposite sex?
The way he carries himself.

What made you interested to participate in Miss Angel?
This is the right time and right platform to prove myself.

What is that one special quality that you possess which would help you to win the title?
I am confident enough to move on and cover up even if I go blank on the stage.

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