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Different side of Sanup!!!!
16 July 2010-Friday
-The Cheeguz

If you remember the single “Samjhana Aidinchha”, then you must definitely know Sanup Poudel. Obviously, he is not a new name in the industry and Poudel is probably one of the most academically qualified talented singers we have. We also can’t forget his other hits such as “Yastai Sambandha” and “Timro Deshaima”. Born under the star sign Capricorn, the man on the spotlight believes in “Slow And Steady Wins The Race”. So that’s how he likes to take things, one at a time. “Maroon” is the colour that he thinks represents him and with a favourite quote like, “It is good to light a candle than to curse the darkness”, we can imagine how full of optimism he is. Well, we’ve known his music. So for now, let’s discover the other side of Sanup Poudel in our conversation that follows.

1. When did you know singing would be more than a hobby for you?

Sanup: When I realized that I was singing for my family members, relatives, during family gatherings, and most often for my school teachers rather than enjoying it for myself. That’s how I came to know, it was more than just a hobby for me.  Literally, it started off with my first song “Samjhana Aaidincha”

2. You've taken formal music classes, so from your experience how much has the academic qualification helped you in the field? How important is it to have learned music to get into the industry?

Sanup: True! It was only a formal lesson. I always wanted to take it to enhance my singing skills and increase my repertoire of varied singing genres and styles to incorporate them in my songs.  Kathmandu University (Department Of music) has helped me a lot with its well designed programme of study, but I strongly believe in my instincts and my musical aptitude. It is quite important to understand the ethics of music, but it’s equally important to see that music rules you from within.

3. What is the trick of balancing family and professional life?

Sanup: Well, it’s not as hard as the question sounds. Family is a priority whereas profession is way to live your life LOVINGLY AND MEANINGFULLY.

4. Next to singing, what’s your #2 passion?

Sanup: Fishing is what I simply love to do besides singing. So, you could say, I am passionate about fishing…..And at the same time, I am also a passionate Ghazal listener….

5. Three good qualities of a good singer, according to you.

1. Sense of Improvisation
2. Understanding the song temperament
3. Self realization

6. Of all of the performances you have done, do any stand out as your favorite?

Sanup: Well, yes I do have a favourite among all my gigs. It was my first performance during my college days when I sang in public and had even experienced signing autographs for the first time in my life….LOL!

7. Do you compose/write songs for others? Is it tougher?

Sanup: I rarely compose/write songs for others. I do compose for myself, though and I do that once or more in my albums, every time… It is indeed tough to compose and I strongly believe that not all singers can be a good composer. Composition is a meaning in itself and so is singing. 

8. What kind of fans do you expect to enjoy your music?

I think all good music listeners and music admirers can enjoy my music. I have always prioritized my work for music appreciators. Though my music doesn’t have any barriers, it’s only a matter of time. I know I will reach to everyone soon.

9. Any new projects in the pipeline?

Sanup: Right now I am involved in a project of one of my good friends….It is for a forthcoming movie called “Malati Ko Bhatti” where Kali Prasad Baskota is doing his marvelous job in the music… Besides that, I am also busy singing for several other music composers along with my own project.

10. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Sanup: Nothing can be changed now hahahaha….. I think I am okay like this…. God is good!

11. What is that you most dislike?

Sanup: I’d like to say that in block letters. HYPOCRISY! That’s something I simply despise and don’t expect from others.

12. Now that you are more established, do you still have a wish list to collaborate with other artists?

Sanup: I grew up listening to songs from Bollywood and Radio Nepal was my childhood friend. So, I think I am a blend of both, national as well as international, but at this point if I must think of collaborating my singing styles, then I would certainly wish doing it with one of the most astounding composers… The ONE AND ONLY……..A. R. Rahman!

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