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Know Mausami Better!
19 May 2010-Wednesday
-The Cheeguz

A Petite figure, pretty face, hyper friendly nature and a fabulous singer…That’s how one would describe Mausami Gurung once s/he meets her but after you get to know her better, you’ll figure out the woman with virtue and immense confidence inside of her. She’s certainly more than what meets the eye. A recipient of Best Vocal Collaboration at Hits FM Music Awards for “Chyangba Oye Chyanba” with DJ Raju, Best Song with National Feeling at Image Awards for “Ma Nepali” with Nirnaya aka NSK and, a two-year consecutive honorary winner of the most played singer on Kantipur FM, let’s find out what Mausami has to say about the questions shot at her.
What are doing these days? How are you keeping yourself busy lately?

Mausami: Currently, I’m busy teaching. Yes, I just joined Kid’s Hut, a Montessori school at Boudha, Mahankal and I love it there. Besides that, I’m also working on my third album. I haven’t come up with a name for it but it is slowly taking shape. 
What new can we expect from your new album?

Mausami: Well, my last two albums were a mixture of pop and folk music but pop got the best of attention from the audience. Even this time, the material will basically be a folk pop potpourri but the focus is going to be more on folk, unlike I did with my previous efforts. I’m thinking eight songs for the album which will definitely include a remix of my earlier hit “Parelimai Chhau Ki”. Some tracks under arrangement while I’ve already voiced the others. 
You are one of those singers who focus more on music videos. So how important do you think videos are for our music industry? What role do they play?

Mausami: Speaking in terms of the current scenario, music videos play a major role in promoting songs. Of course, the audience has always been and always will be interested in “listening” but with videos, you’re helping them out with their interest to “watch” the music as well. So it’s always better when you are giving extra. 
You seem to act pretty well in music videos. Do you plan to get into acting?

Mausami: LOL! Nope, not interested! Not at all!

If you were given a chance, which genre of music would you choose to experiment with?

Mausami: Well, I have done playback singing for item numbers in many movies and ads also give me a chance to experiment. Adhunik songs too have been tried. But if it were for my own album, I would personally choose soft rock… I like such music and I would definitely love to include it my collection.

Tell us something about your hit “Chorera Lagyo”?

Mausami: To start, it is Rajan Ishan’s composition... I really love his single “Basa Ma Chhaina Mero Mann”, who doesn’t? And there was no reason why I wouldn’t trust his work. So as soon as, I heard it, I knew I had to get hold of it!! It was very melodious…and that was what caught my attention.
We frequently hear you in commercial jingles. What difference do you find between singing them and songs? Which one is more difficult?

Mausami: I think both, songs and jingles are equally difficult…You have to put effort in both of them to sing. But when it comes to responsibilities, it’s your own songs that demand more of it. There is a lot of tension as to how to make it sound better. You’re worried whether people are going to like your work or not. So you have to make your moves strategically. Your aim is to do the best, head towards perfection and you’re your own decision maker. All these make working on an album a little more difficult.
Any international celebrity you’d want to work with?

Mausami: Well, there are many artists I look up to but if I were to choose one, I’d go with Pritam… I admire his work.
Nepali singers are prospering these days even in the international field. So would ever sing for Bollywood if given a chance?

Mausami: Obviously, yes!! Who would miss out on such a great chance! I believe language does not act as a barrier…in music, at least. Although I’m a Gurung, I don’t speak Gurung but if it is given to me in a written form, I can sing it! In fact, I can sing any language that way!
You’re single, right? Marrying anytime soon??

Mausami: No, not any time soon and I’m not even searching for anybody! LOL!

You’ve done a couple of collaborations before. Any more coming up in the future?

Mausami: There aren’t any in the upcoming album but I’ve recently sung for another artist’s track.

You’ve probably come across this question a lot but how well do you think are female singers doing in our industry as compared to male artists? How can we promote the ladies better?

Mausami: I must say, there’s a lot of difference between how well male and female singers are doing. Obviously, male artists are doing better not because the females aren’t good enough. I think there are still equal opportunities lacking in our industry. Professional speaking, it is quite hard for the ladies to get a song that is very good in all aspects which is not the case with men. We are usually underestimated. On the other hand, even our society is imposing limitations for female artists. Even if one goes around saying she’s a modern day woman, it doesn’t make much difference. When people go around saying something about a man, it doesn’t affect much to him but in our case, it does, a lot! So, I say there should be equal level of freedom for both men and women. Even audience can play a major role in it by supporting female artists too.

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