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Moksh Rock Festival...
5 April 2010-Monday
-The Cheeguz

Don't mess with my hair, my drink and that rocking music; we'll take offense, like seriously! Destroyers of musical convention and inventors of the term freedom in the true sense, no one can deny the importance of rock music. But we guess you already know that. Sure, rock changed the world and it did so just when the world most needed changing. The revolution might be over but the evolution continues, "Moksh Rock Festival" aims to be one of them catalysts. Feeling the heat already, are we? Better keep your evenings free, April 11th till 14th.

If rock is your kind of music then you should be thrilled to bits. The festival is being organized by Moksh in collaboration with Party Nepal, and sponsored by Himalayan Distillery with ECS Friday as its official media partner.

The event will kick off with a music workshop on April 10th by Manoj KC (1974 AD), Mukti Shakya (Mukti and Revival) and Hari Maharjan (Nepathya). On 11th April you're in for a real rock treat, Jindabad and Atl F4 will be jamming together at Moksh premises, which will be followed by a Rockumentary by Nirakar Yakthumba. 

Moving on to April 12th, it's a must attend lecture on evolution of rock music by Mr. Jeewan Lal Shrestha, Executive Director of Hits FM 91.2, it'll be accompanied by all students rock show and performance by Rusty Nails. And come April 13, which incidentally happens to be Nepali New Year's Eve, it should all explode with performance by local rocking chicas, all hail - Rocker Divas. And it all concludes with a final concert by Big Show; we've been told they are an all-woman band from India, sweet... Ain't nothing like a chick that rocks, and lip syncing them immortal words by

rocky-licious Joan Jett - we love rock and roll.

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