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Shy Guy...
9 April 2010-Friday
-The Cheeguz

Here's the real deal from Rajesh Virtual, nothing pretentious only sweet honesty. A typical shy guy, Rajesh is a big time dreamer and from his last name "Virtual", abstract things matter to him more than materialistic stuff. His main focus is on love and music. And this week, we give you a chance to get upclose and personal with the man.

1.Has singing changed you as a person? How?

Without a doubt, its very presence has made a whole lotta difference in me, personally, and in my life. I feel more competent and confident. It has given me identity and it inspires me to do and be better. Music is my destiny!!

2.Who would you say were your early influences - who inspired you to be a musician?

I would have to say everyone. Talking about who inspires you somebody once said, everything around me is inspirational. And that has been the story of my life as well. My family, all my friends have been extremely supportive, and it was that very motivation that got me where I am today.

3.Do you have any formal music training? Do you think it's important?

Yes, music education is very, very important. It’s about discipline and appreciating the talent in you. I was fortunate enough to get a chance to be trained under the watchful eyes of Anil Singh, the vocal classes with him have really helped me shape my sound. I also took guitar tuition at Taas studio, Khichapokhari. So whether you want to explore this field on a professional level or embrace it as a hobby, whatever the case knowledge of music is a must.

4.Do you write your own songs? What inspires you to write?

Yep! I do. In fact I penned the lyrics for “Mero Haso”. Writing your own material makes it that much intimate, you can connect with the words easily and it shows in the final outcome. I get inspired by almost everything. I can get inspired by where I am or things that I’m going through at the time. And personally speaking, I would credit my role model Anil Singh for inspiring me to sing.

5.Are you currently associated with anything else besides music?

I’m an avid dancer and photography is my passion. For those who want to learn dancing, remember the name (smiles), I take dance lessons now and then. And sometimes it’s the duties at my shop at Tokha that keep me busy. Life’s busy, but good… touchwood.

6.What kind of feedback are you getting for your debut album "Prakhar"?

The response has been positive so far, and it has fueled my desire to do even better. I’m really proud of “Prakhar”. It’s easy to listen, feel good kind of compilation. I’m very happy but I’ve got a long, long way to go before I can say – this is it. Thank you all for supporting me, and please do support Nepali music industry

.Are you working on any new videos?

The video for “Timi Jastai” is doing pretty good. However it’s “Chanchale Chulbule” that’s getting all the requests, which by the way is doing good on radio. Looking at the positive feedback and all the requests I’m planning on a shoot, very soon. Yes, that will be my next project.

8.We've heard you are very shy esp. around girls. So how are you handling that lately?

I’m not loud, if that’s what you meant by shy. I may be silent one, but not overly introvert, there is a difference. If I like someone I will bond. I don’t believe in forcing myself onto others.

9.What was the reason behind the name change from "Pahilo Maya" to "Prakhar"?

Our initial choice for the title was “Pahilo Maya” but somebody else had already used it, so we went name hopping and after a lot of research we settled for “Prakhar”. Like I said, my friends have been my pillars of support, and this title also comes courtesy them.

10.How important is media’s support?

It’s a symbiotic relationship we share with media houses; be it the print, radio or television. We give them material, they give us a platform, exposure. Without media, we are helpless. And in this dog eat dog world, it’s all about good public relationship (P.R.).

11.What’s your take on piracy & promotion? If you have to promote yourself you have to pirate?? Do you agree?

Promotion is not piracy & piracy can’t promote me; I’m totally against it. Piracy has been a hot-button issue everywhere, in every field. And it has taken its toll on Nepali music industry as well. Music sales have declined and it directly affects us. 

12.Any message to your fans or who visit your profile???

Evolution as a musician is parallel to the response of fans and critics alike. Help me do a better job, your suggestion, comments will be highly appreciated. At the end of the day if you decide to buy the album, even better… Feel the music & please stop piracy!!!!!!

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