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Lovely Lasata
26 March 2010-Friday
-The Cheeguz

We all loved her rendition of the hit single “Badha Parun” and no doubt, she had done absolute justice to it. Lasata Joshi is definitely one of the most talented female singers of our music industry and not just into singing, she’s someone who likes to better herself as an artist as a whole. Joshi released her album “Aarohan” this year and apart from promoting her latest project, she’s also responsible for most of the commercial ads. Some of them are of Fair And Lovely, Lifebuoy Care, Dettol, wheel etc...Above all, we can say the lady is one busy bee, yet she took some of her precious time out for a chitchat. So let’s head on with the Q&A, shall we?

1. What are you busy with these days?

LASATA: Currently, I’ve got my hands full with programmes and other official work of my own: editing, photography, video making, etc. Quick Time Production is my office from where I released my new album. I also perform at Jawalakhel Café every alternate evening, and besides that, I'm busy doing commercial jingles.

2. How’s your latest album “Aarohan” doing?

LASATA: It’s doing pretty well but not commercially in the market. I believe in push selling than marketing. So doing the same right now. Fortunately, Aarohan is getting good response from the media and I’ve also recently been nominated for Best Female singer at the soon to be held 4th Annual Annapurna FM Music Awards, 2066 Pokhara for the album.

3. Any videos coming up?

LASATA: There is no other video coming out after "Batash Le". I’ll first promote the current video and then later plan for the next one.

4. Your favourite pass time? How do you spend your load shedding times? How are you being affected by the power cuts?

Gosh... you wouldn’t believe how lazy load shedding has made me!! I sometimes sleep approximately 3 hours during daytime… That’s kinda disgusting, right? But, thank God, it’s not just sleeping I do/enjoy during power cuts. Sometimes, I even read novels, play badminton with my daughter, teach her music and work on my plan to release her music album.

5. What do you like to do besides singing? Any serious interests/hobbies?

LASATA: Actually I don’t have much time to think about extra things because all the work I'm doing currently is related to music and only music. But if you do ask, I'd say I like to be homely, rest and spend quality time with my family and friends, also carrying out refreshing activities such as cooking, shopping….Hmm…whole lot of things. I don’t know, the list just goes on and on…LOL!

6. How experimental do you think you are? How often do you try new things for your albums?

LASATA: Yes, I consider myself to be quite experimental. I like to try new stuff, new techniques but that doesn’t I’m totally into those mechanical stuff, you know, all those effects and all. I don’t like to use them…much. Speaking of trying new techniques, I did change my singing styles in "Aarohan".

7. What do you have to say about women in our music industry?

LASATA: I personally think there are many good quality female singers here in Nepal but the thing which I still don’t get is why there is partiality between male and female artists. I mean both the genders have equally competitive and potent artists, right? So, why the difference? Promoters could be taken responsible for less number of female singers on the hit list in comparison to that of male.

8. You’re related to some reputed personalities in the industry. How much easier did it make for you to break into the music scene? Have you taken advantage of that link?

LASATA: Oh never… Yes of course, using the links makes it very easy to enter this field and also helps in my work. But as far as I remember, I don’t think I have ever taken advantage of the relations I have with some of the most reputed personalities of music.  I am very happy and proud to be related to such big names but they’ve always taught me to do everything on my own, depending on no one else except for myself. And even if I did want to take advantage, I could’ve made my album entirely in my uncle Nhyoo Bajracharya’s composition. As we are all aware, he is very famous and his music is so high in demand these days. So, I could’ve asked for his help and become an instant hit singing his tunes, wouldn’t I?

9. Have you experienced any biasness being a female solo artist?

LASATA: Nope. Not until now and I hope it remains that way…also for other female singers.

10. Which female singer do you most look up to? Your idol?

LASATA: Sukmit Gurung has got to be my all time favourite female singer. I grew up listening to her and so is my inspiration as well.

11. Does too much of touring, here as well as abroad, make one a qualitative/accomplished singer?

LASATA: Honestly speaking, I don’t think so. Quality is what makes us fly higher not tours… Of course, there is popularity, but it just doesn’t sound that satisfying to me. I mean, you may have also felt that some not-so-nice songs do get popular in Nepal more than they deserve but at the same time their singers also have the chance to tour a lot. I’m not really happy with such things. I’d rather stick to improving myself in the field of music as an artist which will eventually be followed by success.

12. What new things can the listeners expect from Lasata Joshi?

LASATA: Lasata wants to be a versatile singer and she’s really trying hard to achieve her aim by practicing daily. I did my best in "Aarohan" and I hope my new plans to make my daughter's album receive a lot of good wishes from my listeners. Do wait for the material.

13. Last words….to your fans, friends, family, media..??

LASATA: Thanks for always being with me throughout my journey and it’s because of your support, I’ve reached the spot where I am right now. I promise to come up with more of good music in future.  I hope all of you will always be there for me. Thank you once again and yeah, at last "Add a little music to your life" and "Try to give love in return for the love you get".

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