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In love with his work...
16 March 2010-Tuesday
-The Cheeguz

He never planned to be a singer, it just happened to him. And we are more than glad for the accidental singing sting, that's responsible for Mingma Sherpa, the star. 

Best moments in life are unplanned, that just got proved right there. A very candid Mingma Sherpa is ready to open up, and reveal the man behind the singing voice.

Q: What motivates you, to keep the music going? Where does all your inspiration come from?

Life is composed more often with unplanned moments, and I never consciously pursed music. It just happened to me. But I'm thankful for the gift, something I don't take for granted. It's amazing how music has changed my life. I'm highly motivated by the reaction of my listeners. Their feedback is of utmost importance. Then there are the elders, the senior artists whose technical criticism helps you refine your craft. And I really appreciate my family and friends. They are my biggest fans and harshest critics.

Q: You are out with a new album. Tell us something about it. (What kind of songs?)

Feel again, is my 3rd album. I know it's been long time coming, after 4 years I'm finally ready to give back to my fans. You can call it a musical gift of sort.

The album is a fusion collection; you can expect tunes ranging from Tamang Selo to adhunik. The songs are melodious and are easy listening. 

Q: We hear you have done a 35 year old song, Jamma Jamma, tell us something more.

Yes, one of the highlights from the album has to be the revival of this really peppy song, "Jamma Jamma". It's a 35 year old song which has a very catchy tune and the words are really snappy. "Aamako bahini babuko Sali meri sanima jamma jamma jail rumal khasyo panima". And it's dedicated to my sister, Karma Doma Sherpa. It's just so her. I will be releasing the video pretty soon. Let's hope it does justice to the track. (Smiles)

Q: What do you think is the most important aspect of a song?

Both have equal importance. So I would say it's a tie. Most of the time melody is a driving force but combine great lyrics and you're onto something special.

Music, the melody is something you recognize from the soul, it should connect with you. But it's the words that provide depth, meaning to that melody. It's the crux of the biscuit. It fleshes out, gives body to the melody. As a singer I pay full attention to both.

Q: Did you learn to play any instrument? 

I took guitar lessons few years back and ever since it's been a constant learning experience. I love strumming the strings and being able to perform with an instrument is definitely a plus point. And I highly encourage musicians and singers to learn some kind of instrument, because music will stay with you all your life. You will never lose the skills you learn.

Q: Do you have any other loves besides music?

More than social work, I would like to call it lending a helping hand. If there's a worthy cause and my contribution can make a difference, then why not; I'm game for it. That would be my first passion and following closely at second it would have to be traveling.
Q: You are also involved in SAS, Sherpa Artiste Society... tell us something about the organization.

Our organization, SAS, stemmed up from the need of giving a platform for all those Sherpa people who are really keen in doing something in the field of media, entertainment. We guide and represent them. A hectic responsibility but nevertheless it's something really close to my heart.

Q: So what do you say is one of your biggest strengths…or rather, one of your biggest assets…?

I'm very transparent. What You See Is What You Get. I can't lie if my life depended on it, and sometimes I do feel that puts me in hot water, but being true to myself is important; Period.

Q: Make a wish, what would it be?

(A very spiritual Mingma ponders and reveals) Please god; just let us pass the notorious year 2012.

Q: Award nominations and winning... How important is it?

Most artistes thrive to some extent on recognition, and I'm no exception. I guess I will be lying if I say, it doesn't matter. Having my work nominated is always a pleasure and an honor. And winning the award is even a greater pleasure and honor; it reinforces your self-belief. But having said that, I guess it's more important to connect with audience and win their love. (Smiles)

Q: How does Mingma take a break, what do you enjoy doing the most?

I enjoy my free time in the company of my friends, my pillars of support. They have been there through thick and thin and I wouldn't be here, if not for their love and encouragement. 

Q: What's the best advice ever given to you?

Keep on moving; continue with your musical journey. Learning from failure is not instantaneous but it requires time, and that's most important. Keep on striving for your goal. And when you enjoy what you do, it's not work. And I guess I can't complain in that department. I'm in love with my life, my work, music… touchwood.

Q: What else can we expect from you in the future?

Music is a part of Mingma Sherpa's identity. So you are not getting rid of me, anytime soon (grins). You can expect more beautiful songs and some stunning music videos.

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