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One of its kind...Inflected!
28 February 2010-Sunday
-The Cheeguz

No doubt, Sprite Band Challenge- Freedom To Rock has opened the door to opportunities for many young musical enthusiasts. Yes, there is only one winner in the end but even the contenders, who don’t grab the top position, get the chance for exposure. Many a times, being known is all it takes to achieve what you’ve been aiming for. Well, the second season of SBC witnessed many fine contestants and one of them was definitely Inflected- the band which proudly scored the second runner-up position on the show. So for this time around, we’re letting you know them even better. Here’s what they had to say to our questions put forward to them.

Q: Introduction please... (Band members name and their position types)

Ayesha Giri (Vocal)
Kiran Manandhar (Drums)
Rupen Tuladhar (Percussion)
Dhiraj Chettri (Rhythm Guitar & Back Vocal)
Bhasker Ghimire (Lead Guitar)
Chandan Singh (Bass Guitar)

Q: So how did you get into the "Sprite Band Challenge" SBC thing? What lead you guys to participating in SBC-2?

Inflected: We got into SBC as to win the title of SBC-2.

Q: Which group gave you the jitters? You thought they were better than you… (be honest, hehehe)

Inflected: Musically, it was the band “Time” which gave us a serious challenge.

Q: How much of attention are you getting now, from media and audience? Are you enjoying it?

Currently we are getting a lot more attention than before obviously, as people have been started knowing us as INFLECTED which makes us feel great.

Q: We've all heard what others had to say about you guys being the only band with a front woman. So let's hear from your side. How do u feel being the only group to have a lady vocalist? (Has it worked on your favor??)

Inflected: We were really rocked by the voice of Ayesha. During the whole competition it really felt great to perform with her singing. When she sings, she sings from her heart and she has got the attitude to rock. We were really proud to be led by her.

Q: Since we're talking "the Inflected"... one of the top 3 bands that rocked SBC, do tell us about you, your group... Can you sum up the history of your group in a few words? (How it was formed, who initiated...)

Inflected: As Kiran and Ayesha were exploring music, they met Riders band (Bhasker, Chandan, Dhiraj & Rupen) at one of their gigs. Then we heard about SBC-2 and in order to participate in the competition, we formed the band Inflected.

Q: Do you want to stick to the same genre i.e "Rock/alternative" or do you like to explore?
There are many things to learn, so we want to explore more in music.

Q: Let us pop a totally random question... "Ayesha" how do you cope with all the attention and we're sure loads of guys hit on you. Does that give you a high, being a rock chick…
Ayesha: I don’t think people look at me like that but people have started recognizing me as a singer and appreciating my singing. 
Q: So what are you guys busy with these days?

Inflected: Well, currently Kiran and Ayesha are working on a project of classic hard rock plus pop songs with other musicians but on the other hand, the whole group has not made any plans for Inflected. No thanks to load shedding, we’ve not even been able to sit for our routine practice.

Q: If you had 3 wishes for the years to come, what would they be?

-Let there be no piracy on music.
-Let music be the word of peace.
-Stopping this political pushing and pulling things in our country.

Q: Any closing words... (To your fans maybe, or about your future plans... )

Inflected: We like to thank all the people, friends, family members for their support and motivation during the whole competition.

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