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Being busy is just an excuse...
27 February 2010-Saturday
-The Cheeguz

Sanjeev Shrestha and music are inseparable. It has been entwined in his life and he has no one but himself to blame (if he ever does). A busy man, Shrestha's been dabbling in music since 2058 B.S. A vocalist and a tabalist he's composed for the likes of Karna Das. Couple of years ago, Sanjeev came out with his solo album "Aansu". And as if it was not enough, Shrestha has been busy as the chairman of NAAD, New Artist Association for Destination.

Busy is the title we would like to give him. Surely the man must feel the pull to north, south, east, and west- all direction. But apparently that's what keeps him high. He reconfirms what we suspected, "Busy for me is loving my work. But having said that, I do believe being creative is important. Lot of times, creative people are being busy, but they're not really being creative”. Good point!! So what is keeping Sanjeev's creative juices flowing? 

Answer, one too many projects and the latest one being his solo album "ANTIM AASH". The man has written, composed and arranged eight different songs. The album also has the sensational Anju Panta, and Karna Das, lending their voices. When asked to choose one trait that he considers as an asset, he answers promptly, "composing music". Something we don't find hard to believe, coming from Shrestha who was involved in Karna Das's critically acclaimed album “Adha Sapana". Here’s wishing him all the best, and his willingness to work reminds us of a famous line, “As busy as I claim to be, I've still got the greatest job in the world”. Sure enough, we can see that. Being busy is just an excuse… have fun!!

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