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Call Kantipur MahaYuddha
16 June 2008-Monday



-Detective Eye Candy

Hey! Not that we’re obsessed with the show or we like to talk about it all the time, but seems like the KTV hit show Call Kantipur just never gets its hook  off controversies. After a story we published about a month back about Suraj Singh Thakuri and Malvika Subba’s cold war, many did watch the show with a  little more attention and did sense the prevailing ego tiff. And in a few days the shocking news of the former Miss Nepal walking not just off the show but  the entire KTV got us by surprise. And rumors made rounds that maybe Malivika did leave KTV because she had a major problem with Suraj. But whatever the  story, we’re said and done with it…the call kantipur mahayuddha as we’d like to call ended in a peaceful note. Imagine the two big boulders of KTV fighting  each other live on the 5 to 6:30 program, what a show it would have been! But a huge salute to their professionalism, really both did put up an act of togetherness real well.

But again, seems like the Call Kantipur Mahayuddha is all set to play its second bout only now with different players. You might have noticed new faces in  the show.. mmm……. actually just a new face. You obviously know the “gharbeti ba man” Navaraj, and well Manavi Dhakal is the new female co-host for Call  Kantipur now.     

So, hear this out, its been only three days since the duo have been hosting the show, and well we’ve already starting sensing their major ego clash. Manavi also an RJ at Kantipur FM seems to be totally coming as too strong for Navaraj who often faces loss of words whenever conversing with the live audience. We  didn’t quite spot his talentlessness, if there’s such a word, in making a good conversation in his show Win Kantipur, did we? But wait, he used to run the  show all solo, the master in his own game no competition, so the smooth flow in his words.

But now all of a sudden, his some years of experience in the world of media seems to be making an major pitfall by a girl who is in fact very new in the TV business. Whooops how disheartening you might say. But not really. As a layman, a general audience if we watch the show close enough, its Navaraj who  refrains from having an eye contact with Manavi. Manavi who runs hit radio shows like the jumpstart with Prasan Syangden and I love it , I hate it with Asish  Syangden is well an articulate talker which seems to be overpowering Navaraj, oh –so-totally.

This third show they hosted together, not once did Navaraj look towards Manavi while Manavi was all the time seeking for Navaraj’s approval and corporation to pull off a good show. In fact, he seemed real annoyed, with callers wanting to talk more to Manavi than Navaraj and hence she winning most of the show time.

Well, at least, Malvika and Suraj were actors good enough to have flaunted togetherness in front of the audience which never looked like they were actually faking it, but three days down and these new hosts of the show are already making news with their cold rivalry. 

According to a very reliable source, Manavi Dhakal is the permanent new face for the show Call Kantipur and well Navaraj is not. Suraj Singh Thakuri who is currently busy with his other agendas will soon be making a comeback. But for a few days Navaraj is going to be the helm-man for the show. So we suggest everyone to watch the silent call kantipur mahayuddha going on before you miss it.

Only we have to see if there will be a bout 3, in the show….we’ll decide when Suraj comes back and hosts the show together or not-so-together with Manavi. We  shall wait and watch! Oh indeed we shall!


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